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  1. okay......like this at all? http://toml.ghostaholic.com/toml-final.jpg
  2. how do you feel about this: release That Others May Live then release mission add ons such as ::No Room For Error ::Heroes From Above ::etc..etc... gives time to really put more graphics into missions (loading maps, etc.), and can easily add more on later just lemme know what u think, throwing ideas around for fun
  3. @silent_op: well i get all my pj pictures from the USAF website, http://www.af.mil/photos/ other than that, no idea. @suicide: thanks, ill get on it asap
  4. Yeah, but I'm a full time university student and I work and have other activities, so time is crunched! Is almost done, but is a matter of how long it's gonna take me. As soon as I figure out how to get my MP actors only use what weps I want, I'm gonna zip up what i have (not including missions) and send link to you and silent op. but thats after waiting like over half hour to upload the zip file... Okay, here's something to keep you busy, As it is now, the title for TOML is That Others May Live: Night Warrior i dont like it one bit anymore, and would like a new title beside that TOML: come up with some good ones for me ;-) Oh and silent_op, im sure uve already gotten those two wallpapers on the toml site hehe
  5. hey cant stand the 40 minute wait till download, but that screenshot looks awesome.
  6. Well I would love to, but am completly oblivious on how to. Havent been in contact much with the guys who did the missions (God bless them!) cause of real life....so if you could find out exactly how to do it, i would appreciate it much plus im sure ud love ur name in the creds otherwise, might be a lil b4 that. p.s. thanks for the great comments all!
  7. Wow silent_op, big thanks!!! but the thanks are really spread out to the ppl who contributed to the mod, for example, those backpacks and headgear from cobaka. ull get to see the list once released awesome on ur squad's site, really appreciate the positive feedback. Suicide, thanks for the great comments! More will come...
  8. Hey all, just a small update: some new screenshots posted on the TOML website: http://toml.ghostaholic.com Enjoy
  9. Hey celt, first of all thanks! I really do wish there was a way to bring more realism to TOML, but Im not really sure how. You're welcome to ask the AUS_Viper crew and report back how and recieve credits
  10. Why not just make a new vehicle file for ur mission? MyCoolerBlackHawk.vcl etc... etc...
  11. Wow, big thanks silent_op! I'm planning to work some on TOML on thursday, should have a lil time to at least organize what i have so that i can package 1.0 maybe this weekend NO PROMISES haha, yes real life does indeed come first! well, later crew....
  12. Combat controllers, eh? I should've thought of that earlier....LOL....don't worry, I didn't forget about them....specialist or two? hmm....i'll see what i can do.... Release date? As Jay said....we're still pumping away. Unfortunately, university can really devour your time...Time for holiday, haha. TOML is the only mod that I've created, but you'll have to ask the other guys for theirs. The TOML website is http://toml.ghostaholic.com I'll have to update with some new screenshots, etc... The DL link for beta on there should be okay.
  13. Actually, I hope that he doesn't convert the GR2 models. I think after such successful increases in modeling ability from GR1, the community should move on to original model creation. I know we all have the ability...and it would probably be without all the whining about the models not being the way we would like them to look...
  14. On IT Cover: http://bestcovers.tgnetwk.com/pc/ghost_rec...under_front.jpg Glove color i use: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/rab...e/sf_gloves.jpg What u think?
  15. ooh, also, the gloves, could be cool if they were those weird seafoam-green-colored special forces gloves...i have a set like that if u want. and the shoes like some navy seals sneaker thingies on the pic b4 last...i dunno..just my two bits worth
  16. Okay...did you correctly set up the XML file? and the files are named correctly? and in the correct directory?
  17. Yeah, i just downloaded Newton, a physics engine, last night. I'm thouroughly impressed with the physics etc... Really top-notch stuff. TOML is on its way....Jay316 worked on another mission...with a cool new feature. So that'll bring us to around 4 missions for TOML. After its all complete and compiled, I think it'll be release time.
  18. eh....i give ya the links...ya'll do something with em ...LOL
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