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  1. Awesome dude, will do. GR.net forum members kick butt!
  2. Well, that conversion is still something thats being worked out, as in which one we use, etc... I think its purrty darn fun though.
  3. Hey all, That Others May Live is coming along. The site's been updated with some screens, check em out! Sample: http://toml.ghostaholic.com/toml-screenshot-1.jpg http://toml.ghostaholic.com/toml-screenshot-3.jpg http://toml.ghostaholic.com/toml-screenshot-5.jpg http://toml.ghostaholic.com/toml-screenshot-7.jpg Check out the "Screens" section" http://toml.ghostaholic.com Let me know what you think of the site's look! Thanks again!
  4. I'm not sure, but scope looks a little big to me.
  5. probably the only difference is that they are grey instead of white.
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