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  1. Just a note to compliment OSO's above note: When The Mosque is released, you guys are gonna be drooling all over the place and playing it for days on end..... Too cool for school, OSO, too cool for school...
  2. ok kids, schools a witch and is forcing this thing over until tomorrow....
  3. no prob. if only i had an awesome wep modeler to make hi-qual original models to do "The Mosque" justice....
  4. Sorry about the delay, but real life cometh first. I'm working on packaging tonight. Again, this will be a BETA....its basically our way of saying, "see, this is what its all about." I'll try to get it out tonight, sorry bout the missed deadline
  5. Thx! Cobaka's gonna see if he can make some headgear, I'm terrible at that. I think I'm gonna change the gear on his waist, use some real photos to make the textures. Unfortunately, the GR boots are basically pieces of trash and I really cant use real ones for those....Silly GR!
  6. Alright, shots updated with LIGHT GRAY background: http://toml.ghostaholic.com/files/pj-1.jpg http://toml.ghostaholic.com/files/pj-2.jpg http://toml.ghostaholic.com/files/pj-3.jpg http://toml.ghostaholic.com/files/pj-4.jpg This is my first time making textures from real photos, I'm liking this a whole lot!
  7. Thx, ur always a huge help!!! Chems has struck again! lol
  8. That's what I've heard, but how do u do that?
  9. Latest: http://toml.ghostaholic.com/files/pj-3.jpg http://toml.ghostaholic.com/files/pj-4.jpg
  10. Yeah, what u just listed is what i basically already have. The ACOG setups are being a witch...
  11. Hey all, i just put together a USAF PJ of my own, and this is how its looking: http://toml.ghostaholic.com/files/pj1.jpg http://toml.ghostaholic.com/files/pj2.jpg Only problem, i cant export worth a crap! I can never fix the vertices, etc... it always ends up with me scrapping my model and wasting my time. Can anyone export for me? This would be a tremendous help for That Others May Live. Thx!
  12. True, but i dont want my scopes mounted on the carrying handle
  13. Hey, can u make a PRO TEC attachment with goggles on it that can fit on the Marine character's head? That'd be awesome!
  14. Hey all, I've been tearing mods apart for some specific M4 variations for That Others May Live. I've found a few of the ones I'm after, but i still need more, if u have any of the following or can make any of the following, could u help me out? Thx [All attachments need to be mounted on rail] M4 + ACOG 4x Scope + AN/PEQ-2 M4 + ACOG 4x Scope + AN/PEQ-2 + M203 M4 + M68 Aimpoint + AN/PEQ-2 M4 + M68 Aimpoint + AN/PEQ-2 + M203 M4 + ACOG Reflex + AN/PEQ-2 M4 + ACOG Reflex + AN/PEQ-2 + M203
  15. It's not gone! http://www.warofinfamy.com/
  16. definetly dude. He looks sweet as is, with more ghillie, be too sweet for our pathetic tongues
  17. is there an image of the wrong size in ur mission anywhere?
  18. As I said, I NEED to get something out then, even if it is a beta. This mod MUST be released. Maybe then ppl might wanna start chippin in.
  19. Thx, we're still not there yet! In need of good weps/kits and enemy chars We're almost there!
  20. Hey all was looking at a cool XM-8 video from the army times, i guess im really behind on this, but i really love this thing: http://www.armytimes.com/story.php?s=1-292925-xm8.php Note: U need stupid old IE to watch it.
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