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  1. downloading the canadian operatives as I type.. thanks for your offer.. I'm very willing to create, I have the motivation.. just not the initial knowhow please do carry on
  2. hi.. I just signed up so I could ask a few questions.. a friend and I picked up a copy of ghost recon complete thisevening and we're looking for some unlockers or enhancements to make our lan sessions more fun.. I used to own the first ghost recon without expansions and had some little mod which let you use the female players as normal.. I'm a little out of touch with ghost recon and mods so any help would be appreciated I just finished reading some of the sticky topics and took a browse through the files section, though I'm still a bit puzzled can anyone reccomend a mod (or mods) that allows all female players available throughout all modes of play including single player and any essentials, if there are any I guess to summarise, I just want a free range ghost recon thanks.
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