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  1. AC/DC - Rock'n Roll ain't noise pollution
  2. Stalker

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    @ronin: IMO, you should make the "S" of the first "SPY" visible. Would look way better.
  3. AC/DC - For those about to rock (we salute you)
  4. Stay safe down there!! Good luck!
  5. Stalker

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    Ditto #2 @zjj: I think that answers our question... You know what I mean
  6. Chems Dan WK Whisper_44 Sart Rebar Zeko Avey Zantar BornToKill Stalker
  7. Stalker

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    Slow... as always...
  8. Happy Birthday, swartsz and incubus!
  9. Children of Bodom - Follow the reaper
  10. Stalker

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    GRT, you need to put your name on the sig!
  11. That's great! Cool job on this one!
  12. Sepultura - Beneath the remains
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