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  1. Wednesday 13 - Elect death for president
  2. Wednesday 13 - God is a lie
  3. Marilyn Manson - The dope show
  4. So tell us, how do Austrians celebrate their birthdays? ← All you need...
  5. Bob Marley - Punky Reggae Party
  6. Best wishes, zeroalpha, Matt03, hort3
  7. This is your opportunity to vote for your favorite sig based on the following criteria: Originality Presentation 'On-topic' File Size Voting closes at 00:00 (midnight) GMT on April 30, 2005. To view the entries, go here. So as not to influence other voters, I am not allowing any posting of discussion. NOTE: This poll is separate from the scoring done by the judges.
  8. I know they are meant to look old and distressed but what I meant is the texture looks more like stone than old metal.
  9. Best wishes, VF_EvilGhosT & slrkth
  10. F.D.Q.f.P. 13 - Foot in mouth
  11. Looking great! The desert camo paint is very effective!
  12. Have a good one, YammerSDS and Cpl Ledanek
  13. Looking cool! Two things: -On the first pic with the trucks the alpha channel on the front window doesn't work -Maybe the trucks need a better (more metallic) texture. It looks like they are made of stone
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