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  1. Ektomorf - Painful but true
  2. Stalker

    Sig Awards #25

    Congratulation GRT!
  3. Rage against the machine - Bulls on parade
  4. Apologies: Sorry, D! I had RL issues and was busy with school the last weeks. Of course, you'll get your characters!
  5. This looks like it's going to be a kick-ass mod. New awesome maps combined with even more awesome missions ( ) are always welcome. Good job!
  6. Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate them. I hope I'll come back in the next week or two.
  7. Good to see this mod is in the final stages. Sorry for not responding to the mails with the beta downloadlink. I was out of the loop of everything in the last weeks. I am sure it will be great.
  8. Update: http://www.planetvids.com/html/More-Cool-Ninjas.html
  9. It must have taken them veeeeeery long to finish this video: http://www.planetvids.com/html/Nothing-But-Net.html I wanna be like him (this guy rocks!!!): http://www.planetvids.com/html/David-Belle...ing-Jumper.html I believe I can fly... http://www.planetvids.com/html/Worlds-Long...rbike-Jump.html
  10. System of a down - Suite Pee (Live)
  11. Stalker

    Sig Awards #25

    Sending a PM to her right now....
  12. Rage against the machine - Roll right
  13. Marilyn Manson - The love song
  14. 8/10 - Nice and clean @Dan: WOW! You have outdone yourself! That's awesome
  15. System of a down - B.Y.O.B
  16. Slipknot - Everything ends
  17. Happy birthday Sartillies, MarkVanDamme, RaZoR01 and NorwegianSniper
  18. I am just curious... Is you new nick based on the name of the new SOAD album?
  19. It will feature in the upcoming mod "Mission: Afghanistan", made by Cobaka, GiWeDa and me. And I think I might have donated it to Stalker for one of his mods...(or was it G36K ?) Not sure any more... ← Both, the MG36 and G36K
  20. Wednesday 13 - House by the cemetery
  21. Wednesday 13 - Look what the bats dragged in
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