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  1. Bounty Killer - Fortune & Fame
  2. This is your opportunity to vote for your favorite sig based on the following criteria: Originality Presentation 'On-topic' File Size Voting closes at 00:00 (midnight) GMT on August 6, 2005. To view the entries, go here. So as not to influence other voters, I am not allowing any posting of discussion. NOTE: This poll is separate from the scoring done by the judges.
  3. Sorry guys. People's choice poll will be up in a minute!
  4. Try to cut down some pixels in width and height
  5. Bounty Killer - Next Millenium
  6. When opening a new pic in Photoshop set the background layer to transparent, then just save as gif file. Or you just fill the white background with the green from the forum (take a screenshot and make a pattern). I recommend the latter one, I think it would look better because you have all the shadow effects in there and the edges will stay sharp.
  7. Sizzla - Marijuana @goose: Beenie's top!
  8. @GRT Looking great, but you have to keep that in mind. You should try to simplify the animation a bit.
  9. Stalker, you could use that image of you when you went skiing... the one where you are all in red. ← Changed.
  10. Would be better to ask Harntrox and Biffa directly than through the forum.
  11. There are still 11 days left...
  12. Looking cool! Good job, you two.
  13. Beenie Man - King of the dance hall
  14. The theme suits perfectly to the whole download system mess.... *hint*
  15. Awesome work Prozac! And Sup, yours' lookin great too! Keep up the good work.
  16. Kickass textures there Thanks for the pics, Whisper.
  17. I know there's been the BlackHawk available for download somewhere... but that's all I know. Sorry.
  18. Theme: Horror Reminder, keep the sigs in compliance with forum and contest rules or they will be deleted/disqualified. Deadline: July 23, 2005, at Midnight GMT Judges : Judges are anonymous. Sig Awards Number 26 is up and running !! *** *** BTW, remember to post your entries here in this thread, and I will copy them to the official Entries Thread. This will aid Judging and general viewing of the master pieces. Good luck to all.
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