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  1. Just kill all enemies and place the demo charges on the trucks.
  2. some new weapons!!! (not 200 kits like in 4.8 4.8) max 30 kits
  3. I want to make a mod with a campaign and some gametypes!!!
  4. i wanted to script new gametypes for my campaign but i don't know how to make it! can somebody help me! I want to have this gametype: a mix between recon and firefight 1st objective: kill all enemies 2nd objective: get to extraction Greets, Stalker
  5. hehe, i have already played this mod and it ROCKZZZZZZZZZZ good job sixpence
  6. hi all! i`m working on some missions for the usmc mod ! i had to script a mission on the polling center map but i havent got a good idea yet! if someone has a good idea for a mission on polling center please post it here or send it to Stalker@worldoftitus.com !! it should contain 2-4 objectives and 1 or 2 enemy tanks!! Stalker
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