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  1. boah, thanks for your help , Jack a question: why do you know the name of the boat, you blow up in the last BIA mission ( <n>.... ??? ) and how can i find the name of MapObjects????
  2. can somebody describe how to use loop responses and what they are good for ???????????????
  3. I have just began to make my own game types. at first I wanted to increment the number of enemies in defend (boah). On the PreAction block I put up a new Value for the opposing force (90) and saved it. when i want to start my defend game type there don't spawn any enemies... any help??
  4. i just want to hide it on the map....
  5. I don't know why but this response doesn't work. I set up a startup trigger with the response Map actor Hide: Hide actor_XXX on the command map for all players! actor_XXX is an allied actor! when i start the game I always see the actor on the map......... any help
  6. i have just played BIA and have some questions: how does jack made it that the enemies aren't shown on the threat indicator???? is this possible to make more than pne campaign in one mod???
  7. love this mod (BOOOOOAAAAHHHHHH) but the first mission on the military camp map always ends after 5 seconds and is failed?????? any help
  8. I am working on a mission on the vilnius map . a part of the mission is a cinematic video where u can see allied reinforcements starting to take over the town. the cine movie runs perfectly and after 5 seconds it freezes for about 10 seconds and then it is going on normally............... ( ????? ) I have never had a problem like this in cinematic movies. can somebody help me?????
  9. I think it will be good, when u are wounded e.g. in the chest, u are going to die 6 minutes later..........
  10. hmm, only jack understands my question >>>>>I dont want the tank to shoot anywhere with his minigun.... only stand around and do nothing............
  11. I want to place a friendly tank somewhere on the map and the player must contact him and escort it! does it work that the tank doesn't shoot with plans and responses or do I have to change the .vcl file and delete the weapons???
  12. I think it's bad! there are not so many cheaters out there ( maybe ) and when someone is cheating he is getting banned after the first match !!! Mods are wonderful !! without mods GR wont live anymore..............
  13. shouldnt it looks like this Set PlayersPlatoon to (the Player controlled Platoon)
  14. I am making a campaign for my mod (it contains new skins, new weapons and a new billboard effect). There are some problems when I script something with the crrc.vcl (boat). Sometimes there is fire behind it and sometimes it flys around..... (!!) hope anybody can help me:wall: C:\Programme\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\ScreenShot4.bmp[
  15. hmm, the bugs by lying down in a crater SHOULD be fixed with a patch !!! in reality, they dont have only a primary and a secondary weapon >>> frags should be part in every kit.....
  16. is this possible when an enemie reaches a zone (or when a timer expires....), he throws a grenade to an other zone? e.g. : there is an area on the map, where the player always camps. >>>>>>when the player reaches the zone, an enemie throws a grenade to him .... Trigger Event : A member of PlayersPlatoon is within 3 metres of "Zone" Response : ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? hope anyone can help me
  17. i am working on a mission ( like the vilnius mission ) with 3 friendly tanks ! i want to script: when an enemy destroys ONE of the tanks the mission will going on but when a member of "PlayersPlatoon" destroys a tank the mission will be failed! i just want to know how i can script this (enemy destroys tank >>>> continue) (player destroys tank >>>>> end it) greets, Stalker
  18. the first 12 missions run correctly (WWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWW) but in the loading screen of the 13. mission ghostrecon doesnt work any more! it doesnt chrash , it only shows the loading screen an does nothing
  19. you need photoshop! copy an existing briefing .rsb in your modfolder, open it with photoshop, copy a new map (here from corsica) in this file, save it and then activate it in your mission with igor>>>>>>> menubar: EDIT>>>>briefing
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