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  1. check out the Kit Restriction File Editor in IGOR
  2. ######!!! my mistake: Company score Decrement: Decrement the score for the company including the shooter who killed <Next Actor>
  3. Yeah, Right. Just started working on my first mod screenshots aviable here : GERMAN FORUM
  4. I dont exactly know what u mean but try this: Trigger: Startup Response: QueueLoopActorsInPlatoon ( use <group> to loop over all actors in the player controlled platoon) Group: <...> Trigger: Loop Actors ( an actor loop is ready to process <Next Actor> Response: Block Preserve Continue if the shooter who killed <Next actor> is equal to <Next Actor> (Compare Things) Company Score Decrement: Decrement the score for the company including the player controlled actor greets,Stalker
  5. make sure you have DS and IT installed and activated
  6. press + or - on the numpad, it changes between floors
  7. how can I know the coordinates on a specific point on the worldmap in the briefing screen?????????
  8. open the Actor file ( .atr) with notepad and look if the .chr filename is right
  9. Spawn Opposing Patrol............ Spawn Responses.......
  10. Wow, there's a real debate behind that statement! If I had to choose I'd probably agree. I don't have any problems finding cheat free servers, and I'd hate to think of GR with no mods. Ladder sites might not agree though.... yeah, thats true without mods GR will be boring soon.........
  11. ok, you want at the start of the mission execute the god mode over the radiostation! there is no response, which allows you to activate the god mode! maybe it works: Group: Default Startup: set playerplatoon to the player controlled platoon Use <God> (group) to loop over all actors in playerplatoon Group: God Loop Actors(An actor loop is ready to process <next actor>) Response: block preserve Teleport <Next actor> to <Start point> ----------------- Start point should be an effect ------ lol, i dont know if it works ( i dont think so )
  12. Frostbite will be up in the next weeks IP:
  13. FSC CLAN SERVER MODS: MP1, MP2 (Frostbite in the next weeks)
  14. very nice pics?? what video card have u got????
  15. ok, I want to assign all players of the playersplatoon a specific weaponkit: should it look like this: Trigger Event: Startup Response: Use <Weapon> to loop over all actors in the player controlled platoon Trigger Event: Loop Actors ( an actor loop is ready to process <Next Platoon Member> Response: block preserve Set actor kit.......... (assign <OICW.kit> to <Next Platoon Member> ???????????????????????????????? (hope thats right)
  16. sometimes missions doesnt work anymore when you have patched the game
  17. I havent downloaded Guatemala yet, but if you want to play the other missions, open Igor and the other missions and re-click the box next to requires unlocking under the missionproperties
  18. yes, IGOR should have more response and triggers It will take missionscripting on a new level !!!!
  19. try the advanced igor guide from RSE
  20. I am a newbie on photoshop and I need your help: I want to retexture some maps from night to day. I put up a new sky and changed the colour of the fog. there's a problem: the ground is still dark like in the night ........... ????
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