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  1. osiris, is the agyptan god of dead.......
  2. when I look around in the member details, I haven't noticed a member who joined in 2002 or earlier... the most joined in january had the hacker attack deleted all accounts????
  3. yes, buy DS ( it will patch the game to 1.2 i think) , then buy IT ( it will patch the game to 1.3) and then download the 1.4 patch ( is very small )
  4. just assign a plan to team with the path step. now all members of the team will follow the path.....
  5. There are six, take your pick. lol, I mean: hundreds of news... are in the general mod topics what about a forum only for news.....
  6. hehe I dont want to start a new thread about this but what about a forum where modders can post news of their mods???
  7. drag the base zone which has SP/Coop Base clicked
  8. because u my scripting gets to another level...
  9. I mostly use this sounds: a_exmetalammo.wav --> Explosion a_exm1 --> Explosion a_exm2 --> Explosion a_exmetal --> Explosion wolsong made a good tut ( about fx) , aviable on theplatoon, but the site is down
  10. when u use the path plan step, u can click on "Loop" under the element properties and now the team/actor will always go in a "circle"
  11. thats a hard way, it needs a lot of time
  12. ---->move to mission forum: set up a plan with a path or set up a plan with the add zone and followed by the patrol plan step
  13. check out the basic igor guide from RSE and igor for dummies from El Oso
  14. no, I mean that boat which stand still...
  15. no thats enough, just click the Insertion by a zone!!! be sure that there is no more than 1 insertion zone
  16. with that tip, I destroyed many buildings in my mission , but on the Island village map I have some problems !!! there are two map labels: the driving boat and the other boat I want to blow up the "other" boat , set up some fx and activated them + the response " Destroy MapObject ". It doesn't worked! then I used the response "Hide Map Object" and it doesnt worked too does this only happen cause it's a mp map??? or do I somethin wrong (I dont think so )
  17. and in your mission (hbs..) it is: Proximtity Platoon: A member of Playresplatoon is within 10 m of extractuon -block preserve -Continue if the number of active actors on playersplatoon is equal to the number of members of playersplatoon are within 10 meters of extraction -Declare mission complete
  18. I started like this in november too, with my mega mission with 3 scriptblocks then I tried around a bit with very little missions and....... ........in january I learned how to make cinematics...... and worked a bit on the USMC 31st MEU....... then I understood more and more response and combos.... and now I am here and work on my first mod...................
  19. check the igor tutorial for beginners from RSE... GHOSTRECON.com
  20. @AUS VIPER: I haven't followed the whole thread but.... any release dates????
  21. when there is no EFFECT placed in Igor and triggered through the script nothing will happen
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