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  1. locogamer doesnt exist anymore
  2. our dedicated server now runs kidbuster. All my Clanmates are able to join but when I enter the IP adress and click on "Validate" , kidbuster isnt able to connect/find the server.... any help???
  3. my extracted mods have got 5 GB !!!
  4. hahaha, maybe Brothers in Arms is activated
  5. when you put up a map false the same things appear.....
  6. CLANZONE visit this site and contact an admin. they have lots of dedi servers
  7. free russia is a good campaign and requires no mods................
  8. Campaign: Brothers in Arms Weapons: Trance M4 mod Skins: KSK2 mod Total conversions: USMC 31st Meu SFOR2010 Frostbite My mod
  9. Sixpence is working on a new mod with -10 new maps..... and his Payback mod should be released very soon...
  10. search with google, or wait till fp is working
  11. Name: FSC Stalker Class: Demolitions kit: Colt M4 desert camo + AT4
  12. yeah, i ve the cd too, the art drawings (concept) look cool
  13. many many details,......
  14. how can someone become a GR.net Supporter/consultant/staff member/ or Admin...?? with good disciplinary... or what???
  15. dont worry m8, I have a TNT2 and GR runs perfectly
  16. you should be able to pick up a thrown frag (by the enemy) and throw it away......
  17. hmm, do I need a debris type like general_type41(0)(0)(0)(0)
  18. you have to change the texture files too...
  19. Stalker V1 ( ): it is my first mod. there are new skins,weapons, a big campaign and other things.. look HERE for screenshots
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