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  1. maybe your plan is in the TriggerPlan section or you've turned off the platoon ai or you have used Movement ROE-->hold before the path step or.......
  2. sorry, the site is down with the pictures!!! pls keep it oh! hehe ,all clear
  3. hehe, save your time!!! open the IT Cd, under extras theres the RSB plugin
  4. desert siege: popular: Ghost Town Tank DepotBuildings Roadblock least played: refinery (i think) Island Thunder popular: polling center jungle prison beach resort hunting lodge least played: military camp swamp airfield high sierra... (I think)
  5. ok, I made some missions for the payback mod and here the answers: thats right that u only have six guys you aren't allowed to play with the other soldiers---> only six specialists, for the whole campaign
  6. yes he stays in woodland -----> if you are not good at skinning, just copy another desert camo in the henry ramirez body.rsb.......
  7. missunderstood I wanted to know: When I choose the CameraSwitch response: .Place Camera at >Position< facing >Target< and when >position< is a moving vehicle and >target< is another moving vehicle................... does this work??
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    hey,hey, read the readme!!!! cut the heroes.xml out and put it in your X:GhostRecon directory!!! you have only six guys
  9. puhh, maybe they are coop only DA GRM4.8
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    hmm, I have no problems try it HERE when the window opens, wait 5 seconds and the download will start
  11. It is enough when u post this topic only 1 time
  12. Stalker


    Sixpence has released his new mod Payback. Download it HERE @Rocky: can you add a mirror on fileplanet??? Stalker
  13. when u want to set waypoints: on the upper side of the commandmap is Alpha I Bravo I Charlie ther u had to choose the team.....
  14. I am able to make some long cinematics but now I have a question: Can I place the camera e.g. at a black hawk and let it fly around?? is this possible
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