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  1. put the command waypoint of the 4.objective exactly on the same position where the 1.(2., 3.) waypoint is
  2. for starting a cinematic use the responses: Cinematic Mod ON Camera Switch (if you place a platoon in vehicles use Platoon Ai Off) for ending a cinematic use a script block with Fade Out and another scriptblock: Trigger: Black Response: Camera Return Cinematic mod off (Platoon Ai on) ---------------------------- invisibility On Players platoon is a good decision, so you cant die during a cinematic... look at the origibal IT mission for further help STALKER
  3. check out FNG DRx's Map pack in the news section... but ask for permission if you want to use these in ya mod
  4. If you want to make a mission harder, set the maxspotting range higher than the farclipping distance
  5. the map in the briefing wil be set up automatically...
  6. hhmm, is the link incorrect??? I dont see anything
  7. the sealz clan has members from alla round in eu
  8. hahaha, now it is a member from the a-team (dont know the name of him, B.A. i think....)
  9. why are you not able to destroy the doors on the swamp airfield map?
  10. that work needs time. you cannot put up a complicated mission, when you work with igor a couple of days......... it needs time...........
  11. yes, FOG ! Moderator Edit - Exclamation marks stretched forum boundaries. Please don't do this in future. Stalker Edit : Sorry, m8
  12. this things should be fixed with a patch not with another add on
  13. with a good cinematic this mission will be up to 10MB
  14. when you put a platoon in a boat or in the blackhawk without set platoon ai OFF, they will stand and not sitting/lying.......
  15. IGOR (Wolfsong) suggest you don't use GENERAL_TYPE41(X)(Y)(Z)(Delay) - Debris Large sometimes crashes to desktop I have no problems with this effect
  16. in the map properties in IGOR( right bottom) you can change the FOG then open the environment editor (in the menu bar under TOOLS), load the environment of you map, and change the sky.........(chosse a skybox from a night map) ( you can also change the fog here) save the new .env file as a copy in your mod folder
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