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  1. Added to main listing in opening post. Thank you very much for sharing, Stalker! I'm sure all GR modders appreciate your generosity!

    BTW - are you still in contact with Sixpence? Maybe he could pay us a little permission-granting visit in this thread, too? :)

    Late reply.. sorry ;)

    Unfortunately I haven't been in contact with Sixpence for years, so I can't provide you with any info on his stuff. Also I wasn't able to find the old mod cds which is a shame :(

    Maybe Giweda/Giampi has still my unreleased stuff available..

  2. Hi Apex Mods.

    My Stalker V1 Redux and AUSCAM SASR are free to use. Please note there are more modders who contributed. Giweda's content is also free to use, as he stated it in this thread.

    Regarding all others, I dont know tbh, maybe they also contributed to this thread already (sorry didnt check), but I believe it would be no problem.

    Every other content I made for other modes (mostly Sixpence Mods, but also some others I dont remember) are free to use.

    My skinning materials (as already stated in this thread: http://www.ghostreco...showtopic=16699 ) are also free to use.

    All of my content can be modified, retextured, rescripted and so on.

    Stalker V1 Redux http://www.ghostreco...act=view&id=599

    Auscam SASR http://www.ghostreco...?act=view&id=11


  3. Giampi, old friend ;)

    I made that same decision too, but years ago. Life changes and we have to go on. Also from me, a huge thanks for all your work, all your help and of course on releasing my big mod as an equipment mod as I couldn't find the motivation to finish what I had planned.

    take care, Stalker

  4. Happy birthday Stalker, even though you aren't around to see this.


    actually I was browsing the forums today after a very very long time :) Thx for the wishes. Always nice to have a look on the site and how it develops.

    Will never forget the active times (for me) here. It's been nearly 10 years since I first posted here. Amazing how fast time goes by :)

    So long


  5. checkin back again and lots of memories float into my mind.

    I was 13 when I registered my account and now I am 20. :D

    I purchased a copy of GRAW1 and GRAW2 and already played some missions. Today I installed GR1 again. Ahh that was a good time ;)

    greets to everyone who knows me


  6. Believe it or not. After seeing this thread I re-installed GR&DS&IT, downloaded XFire and already had hours of fun the last couple of days. :D

    Deathmatch and Siege, but that's what I like in MP

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