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  1. well it was working bfore and then the scond timei went it didnt....and how do i do that?
  2. i canèt access the page anymore it says done and the page is blank?
  3. what do u mean empty the instalshieldfoldeR??
  4. ok well the problem is that in my microsoft folder there is no current version!....but also my firefox is all messed bcause of ccleaner because i think my gmail and my gr.net was open when it cleanded out the reg so i cant access my gmail and now the format of gr.net is all messed. anybody know how to fix that to?
  5. ok well i used it and now my firefox is all mest.....for gr.net the backdrop is wht not longer green, ican't access gmail anymore on the fron page of gr.net i cant access any of the pictures? its like something got taken off from firefox's plugin?
  6. oh ya also Ghostrecon is still in my add/remove but when i try to remove it it says that c:\program files\common files\Installshield\engine\6\Intel32\iuser.dll could not be installed then it says underneath the parameter is incorrect.
  7. like i dont know if the problem is with installshield of with me not removing the game properly cuse it seems to have been removed properly since i cant find any of those things anymore the ones i did i removed
  8. in ure uninstalling guide you said to do this DELETE THE FOLLOWING REG KEYS AND CONTENTS: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\AppPaths\GhostRecon.exe HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsft\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\D89EF3B3-4665-B7A9-A4235A6DC787 HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\applications\GhostRecon.exe HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon but for the files in currentversion....i didnt even find a current version?
  9. ok i tried to do everything that you told me to do on the other link but it still doesnt work?
  10. well thats helps but the problem is when i uninstalled it i didnt do it with the uninstall i just deleted redstorm...i tihnk im pretty sure likei tihnk the problem is with my installshield
  11. Well i recently deleted my GR yes i know...but i want to put it back on but now when put the cd in but instead of having instal ghostrecon i have uninstall so i'm just like alright i'll click that but when it goes to startup the installshield wizard i tihnk it moves over 2 bars and then i get the error An instalation support file could not be installed. The parameter is incorrect. I can't seem to install my GR anymore... can anyone help?
  12. yes! thank you so much! this mod looks sweet gonna start downloading shortly..thnx again
  13. ya well i had to do a whole reforamt delet4ed everyhing and reinstalled but the problem now i dont know how to find my sound driver? does anybody know?
  14. im using xp professional i did a restore and everything worked but then now after 2-3 hhours it starting to eat at my pc again!
  15. Ya well i opend my computer this morning and almost everyfile on my computer wont open. when i double click it. it says what programm would you like to use to open this file so i have to go through all my files to find the original .exe and sometimes it doesnt even work i cant even open my system restore to bring it back. i need your help if you know whats going on.
  16. so where can we download these? and yes i agree we need a mod of good winter char skins of just that!
  17. Hey TRT (tactical response team) is recruiting. If anyone wants to join just contact madmex@tacticalresponseteam.net we have one server at the moment in the UK. We are recruiting everyone around the world so if yur not in the uk dont worry. I'm personally in Canada and play on that srvr perfectly. if you want to contact our 1st battalion CO - strike@tacticalresponseteam.net or 4th battalion CO ( North America) practices at the moment are fridays and sundays for 4thbat -hellraiser@tacticalresponseteam.net thanks
  18. now all i need is a skin mod only a skin mod for this map sicne i already have a winter gun mod all i need is the char to be white and im set!! where can i get one?
  19. ya i talked to them bout it.....were always trinyg to use new mods that people like on our other server that private just to test them out and were putting threads in our forums to vote on new mods......www.unitedforceempire.net
  20. wow i just started looking at this thread and OMFG!!!! its amazing wow!!!!!! i cant wait omg omg omgo mg lol i cant wait man get this out its sweet!
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