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  1. well it was working bfore and then the scond timei went it didnt....and how do i do that?
  2. i canèt access the page anymore it says done and the page is blank?
  3. what do u mean empty the instalshieldfoldeR??
  4. ok well the problem is that in my microsoft folder there is no current version!....but also my firefox is all messed bcause of ccleaner because i think my gmail and my gr.net was open when it cleanded out the reg so i cant access my gmail and now the format of gr.net is all messed. anybody know how to fix that to?
  5. ok well i used it and now my firefox is all mest.....for gr.net the backdrop is wht not longer green, ican't access gmail anymore on the fron page of gr.net i cant access any of the pictures? its like something got taken off from firefox's plugin?
  6. oh ya also Ghostrecon is still in my add/remove but when i try to remove it it says that c:\program files\common files\Installshield\engine\6\Intel32\iuser.dll could not be installed then it says underneath the parameter is incorrect.
  7. like i dont know if the problem is with installshield of with me not removing the game properly cuse it seems to have been removed properly since i cant find any of those things anymore the ones i did i removed
  8. in ure uninstalling guide you said to do this DELETE THE FOLLOWING REG KEYS AND CONTENTS: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\AppPaths\GhostRecon.exe HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsft\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\D89EF3B3-4665-B7A9-A4235A6DC787 HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\applications\GhostRecon.exe HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon but for the files in currentversion....i didnt even find a current version?
  9. ok i tried to do everything that you told me to do on the other link but it still doesnt work?
  10. well thats helps but the problem is when i uninstalled it i didnt do it with the uninstall i just deleted redstorm...i tihnk im pretty sure likei tihnk the problem is with my installshield
  11. Well i recently deleted my GR yes i know...but i want to put it back on but now when put the cd in but instead of having instal ghostrecon i have uninstall so i'm just like alright i'll click that but when it goes to startup the installshield wizard i tihnk it moves over 2 bars and then i get the error An instalation support file could not be installed. The parameter is incorrect. I can't seem to install my GR anymore... can anyone help?
  12. yes! thank you so much! this mod looks sweet gonna start downloading shortly..thnx again
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