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  1. I just finished the original GR, fantastic enjoyed it immensely. Just started DS graphics look better, will then go to IT. My question : is there is a suggested order of what Campain Mods to play after the addons are completed i.e. easier ones 1st?
  2. Sorry to be a pain but can anyone tell me how long the batteries last with the wireless glasses and what type/cost of the replacements. I realise that it depends on useage but a bit of an idea would be appreciated as I am not sure whether to go for wired or unwired.
  3. Basically you need to see the enemy before they see you. Imagine you are behind enemy lines in real life, would you go running about looking for the enemy ? No you would carefully sneak about taking cover and scouting the terrain. Take your time and use your sniper zoom or binoculars ( press L ). The enemy are all over but your objectives are shown in yellow on the map so you can expect a concentration in these areas. The map will not show locations of patrols and sentrys but this would spoil the game. Read the manual which is in pdf form on the disk, read the help files and tactics on this site and get the expansions if you have not already and oh yes try some of the mods. This is a terrific game so take your time and enjoy it !
  4. Those posts are several months old so is there a final concensus as I too am interested but cautious as I have not heard of these things before I came to this site. I thought the flight sim community would have jumped on these if they are that good ? In fact I may order them tomorrow so what do you say guys ? PS I have an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro card.
  5. Just finished mission 10 where you escort tanks through a city. The worst mission so far,had no idea where to go just running around following a tank and shooting when shot at. Seems out of character with the style of this game,hope there are no more like this one !
  6. With all the different mods and weapons around how do I find out what each weapon does, preferably in game if not outside the game environment ?
  7. I quite enjoyed this game, the closest to GR so far ! Have not tried HD2 yet.
  8. I notice with DS & IT enabled there is no red circle in the reticule showing where the enemy is. I think this is better, more realistic !
  9. I think I will stick to GR and Expansions and Mods as so far I can not find anything that comes close, besides by the time I get through this lot Band of Brothers will probably be out. Hidden & Dangerous 2 will get a run too I think. Thanks for your input.
  10. Ive become hooked on downloading Mods so I should get back to playing GR but before I do are there any weapons/skins Mods that are essential ? I got all the campains I want but not sure which of the above I need. Have Standard Upgrade and Realism Upgrade, what else do I need ?
  11. Just started the Demon Rage Mod and I noticed that the sniper zoom is almost non existent, hardly does anything. Is this peculiar to this Mod or is it IT related. First Mod/Expansion I have tried as I am still working through the original GR. Incidentally I have the Realism Mod installed plus Standard Upgrade but Ive not noticed this before.
  12. The guard in the room with the Russian has to be killed first or the Russian will shoot at you. Do not enter from the side entrance but the front enterance where you can kill the guard first. Go back to an earlier save and approach from the front. The Embassy mission I did not take out the tank as I had no AT weapon as I did not know there would be a tank in the mission. After checking out the chopper and my support cleaned up some guys comming out of a nearby building I sent everyone back to the embassy roof hotly persued by the tank. Once on the roof I made sure all were on the helipad and after some time the mission ended. Maybe you missed some enemy or perhaps the tank should not be taken out ?
  13. What about Vietcong, anyone tried that ?
  14. Damm, I downloaded : WOI 2.0 64MG WOI 2.2 141MG WOI 2.3 7.4MG WOI 2.4 68.7MG All I needed was WOI 2.4 @ 68.7MG ? If 2.2 says it includes Eastern Front I presume I now need to also download Eastern Front 1.1 ? PS The link for Pacific Theatre downloads Omah Beach again !
  15. Versions 2.3 and 2.4 are shown as updates only not the full file which was 100+MB. I need to know if version 2.0 needs to be installed before 2.2 as 2.2 stated I need to uninstall previous versions which I take to be 2.0.
  16. Stupid question but if I have 2.2 then I do not need to install 2.0 right ?
  17. Just downloaded War of Infimy Mod and notice that version 2.2 says delete previous versions. Does this mean I should not install version 2.0 but just install 2.2 plus other upgrades 2.3 & 2.4 ? Is this a good mod ?
  18. I have been fiddling around with Operation Flashpoint and trying to update the versions. Seems a bit dated in the graphics department and not as smooth as GR. Is this game worth playing ? Hiddden & Dangerous 2 yeh I forgot about that, I will give that a go too.
  19. Love this game and have recently started again after a couple of years. Dont know why I did not finish it before but I will this time plus the addons and some of the better mods. Only just finishing mission 5 but what I like is that the missions are very enjoyable AND different. I have Operation Flashpoint and a couple of addons, is this worth playing ? Have tried Call of Duty and similar games but did not like the hectic running around shooting in confusion i.e. there is no strategy or time to think. Based on the above what other tactical games are out there ? Would value any opinions. PS I only play single player.
  20. The page down num key or the other one ?
  21. No tried that just scrolls through each fire team with first named being the active soldier. Presume you mean press pagedown key ?
  22. With 6 soldiers spread over 3 fireteams how can I call up a specific soldier, i.e I press 1 to get Alpha Team but I only control the leader in that team unless I go to the soldiers card and select another soldier in that team. How can I access the required soldier quicker?
  23. Mmm, strange I disabled the IT mod then recommenced. There was was no distant gunfire like there was with the IT enabled and I walzed into the ruins from the west, cleaned out the badies, met the UN guys and mission over. Does enabling IT mod increase the difficulty ? Seems like a different game !
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