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  1. I'd hate to be the bitter apple of the bunch but this is not the first time my doubts about GR:AW 2 have surfaced. I was upset at the amount of fixes and for the better part the add-ins that made up for the issues encountered in the original GR:AW and yet still having to pay full price for them. I bought this out of spite and because it was a heavy recommendation from a friend but after reading several threads regarding the M99 being to accurate (which they are) or being too damaging (for a 50 cal no less) I came upon this thread and after reading the many responses I am saddened to say this could ruin the game completely if action is not taken quickly. As with many games there are things that cannot be "Punk Busted" as people come to think. For instance the screen shots posted regarding the "Glitcher" inside the building of BF2. This is not a hack per se but a game glitch, something where the textures or static meshs can be manipulated in such a way that players can access not normal areas of the game. Thus now we have added another delay in the process of fixing the entire problem and by that I mean after the time it takes to actually address the issue as a "game related glitch" and not a hack of any sort, we then have to rely on which ever anti-cheat service i.e. Punk Buster to cordinate effort to make sure the developers are aware of this and to follow up with it as I am sure this amounts to little when it comes to actual glitches that really damper the game. All in all, I am sure Grin is doing the best they can but honestly after paying $49.99 for something I much consider an expansion of a previous game I am some what hesitant this will not be a quite battle between us and hackers unless a remedy is applied in the form of a anti-cheat much like Punk Buster. Regardless of how much Punk Buster doesn't stop hackers, it slows them down and in most cases reduces the headache by lowering the under ground population, allowing us to at least have a few decent servers to play on. All in all we'll never have a sure fire way to stop idiots from hacking but we can at least rely on programs like Punk Buster to minimize the traffic.
  2. Crash in application version: 30292.2673 data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(-1): cant find member: stance_block in type <UE_ScriptExtension> Renderer: normal Physics : threaded
  3. Vista users have to dig. . . . Nevertheless, I have tried the classic reticue and loved it, I loved it even more when I changed it back to the old style yellow. RGB color 255; 246 143
  4. Yes, my GR:AW2 settings and profile are ina HIDDEN folder located in , C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\GRAW2\ I am assuming this is the old style? <classic_crosshair value="false" />
  5. Awesome, they are indeed in there and I am able to change my reticule color. And I just realized the stupidity of my mistake, "or \Users\[username]\AppData\Local\GRAW2\ in Vista) " That is from the quote I failed to read through more slowly. thanks for your help, I will go turn in my man card.
  6. Sorry Rocky I should've included that information. I am currently running Vista Ultimate (32 bit version). My main problem is there are no files in my folders. I cannot change the drop down "Texture" settings in the game and I am wondering if it's because it cannot write to the "Renderer_settings.xml". See SS: http://img482.imageshack.us/img482/8552/untitledhq9.jpg I did do a search for all of the files listed but my folders are empty, literally it would be impossible for my game to work without these files but it does and I can play online but I cannot edit these settings manually like in word pad. Here is what I found that I am completely puzzled by, In my origianl GR:AW I have these files Render, settings, profiles ect. that I can open in notepad and change settings and so on. But these files are missing from my GR:AW 2 and that I think is because I got a bogus disk. I find it not logical that it preserves my name, graphic settings except for the one I cannot change and allows me to play online with the fact that ageia crashes it every 45 minutes.
  7. I have a serious delima I need a response on because I am unsure if this is just my copy of GRAW 2 or is this is normal. I have been playing GRAW2 perfectly fine for some time now and I must say it's a beautiful game by far the most original. But here's my problem, Recently I have been finding it diffitcult using the lime green reticules with night vision so I found out that you can change the color to them through a popular site (TweakGuides.net). My issue is this, I have none of these files in my explorer, I assumed it was because I had "GRAW" installed but the files for it regarding Renderer_settings.xml and so on are there and editable. I started thinking this was mysterious when I tried to change the texture setting to high and it prompted me regarding the change but never made it, I think because it was not saving it. When I went to the folder to remove the intro movies I notice there are no files in my "sounds" folder, not even hidden ones, the folder is simply empty. There are no files in my "settings" folder, there are no files in my "profiles" folder. I am completely lost as I do tech support for a living and unless these settings are placed some where else on my drive I cannot find the file listed even after searching my drive for it. I decided to remove GRAW and reinstall GRAW 2 figuring it might install the files. It was then I noticed the installation progress bar said something to the effect of (C:\\\. . .Bundles\quick bundle). I didn't see the actual directories being created and after installation completed I was back into the same situation, NO FILES. So I am trying to understand what the "quick bundle" is and I think it is a demo but I bought the PC-DVD version. Is there any way around installing the "quick bundle"? My issue is, I can play online, my profile is saved, my video settings EXCEPT for the textures, I simply cannot change that and I have a Ati X1950 which can handle the game flawlessly. But I am confused and wondering before I go and take the game back and trade it in for another is there something I am missing?
  8. Crash in application version: 30292.2673 data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: add_weapon in type <void> SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\groupunit.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\groupunit.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\groupunit.dsf(0) Renderer: normal Physics : threaded More spoiled gameplay. . . . It's getting to the point, I cannot play for more than 30 minutes without a drop to the desktop.
  9. I got that today, it was after I alt+tabbed out of the game to set ports on Kaspersky to allow it to fully connect to the internet.
  10. Crash in application version: 30292.2673 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: PhysXCore (???) : NfCreateCoreSDK Renderer: normal Physics : threaded Constantly receiving this error. System Specs: http://forums.fevergaming.com/fevergaming/...tml#post1094227 Running Vista Ultimate Game Video specs: All High Resolution: 1280 by 1024 Sound specs: Extreme Processor: AMD 3500+ Motherboard: ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe RAM: 2Gb Corsair PC3200 Twin-X (4x 512 duals) Hard drive: 1x 250Gb Western Digital SATA Main drive, 1x 200Gb Maxtor 7200RPM, 1x 80Gb Western Digital 7200RPM (Both IDE ) CD-ROM: Pioneer 16x DVD-RW Video Card: Saphire X1950 Pro 256MB Soundcard: Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic Case: Antec P-180 Power supply: Ultra X2 Titanium UV 550W
  11. I am having some incredible difficulty with the new patch. I load the game and it works flawlessly. I join multiplayer and it gets choppy even in the server list screen. I hit the update server button, the music stops and it takes 5 seconds and then it loads but my download rate is horrible. I have tried changing the speeds but it does not work. I jump into a multiplayer game (finally) and my ping is a average 470 to 500ms... I can play BF2 with a ping of 30 to 60, my connection is 3Mbps down and 512 up. I have a A8N32-MVP deluxe mobo and I have changed the ethernet cards because it came with two onboard cards cause it can run as a server. I still get the same thing.... I have turned down the sound setting and video card settings but still there is a connection problem. I have a netgear router, what Multiplayer ports do I need open?
  12. Don't know if this has been posted yet but I posted it over @ theplatoon.com and though I would share. http://media.hugi.is/hahradi/fyndnar/newsreportfromiraq.wmv
  13. My desktop, soon to be change to a new render for my clan. Click for a larger image
  14. Found at Ebay, this guy is going around and posting feedback on people he never bought anything from!! Here is an example: He posted "I was once told that HOTDOGS are the foods of CHAMPIONS. Then I tripped and fell" For:weiner ( 10) no longer a registered user Jul-01-99 03:26 Member Profile: andy46477 Funny stuff, Posted "Tub o jelly. 12 gallon belly. Greasy layers, oh so smelly. SEXUALLY ENTICING. For: fattyfat ( 66) Jul-02-99 01:46
  15. He is located somewhere in Bakersfield, California and he just turned 31 and physically in prime condition, and they say you should be checked for things like this every 5 years. I do not know if mac had done that but he was the type of guy who would say "if it doesn't hurt to bad I won't go, but if it does I will cause they have good drugs". It is very difficult losing someone this close I had just done some graphic work for him for something he wanted to put as a joke for a friends wife. I talked to him saturday night and he seemed fine, he answered the phone "Hey homo" and then got home and played some Raven Shield on his new broadband connection. It is becoming harder now because I am trying to let go and the other night I was confused because I did not know whether or not to delete his phone number on my mobile.... These are very sad times and worse of all is he just had his 31st birthday.....Shawn Myers 7-13-73 to 7-26-04
  16. Good afternoon, I know this is not going to make your day...it surely did not make ours but we have just recently lost a good friend and I am trying to track down any of his ghost recon friends that he played with on Ubi. At 11:30am PST, during a match, A4D|MacDaddy began complaining of a headache. He apparently left and tried to go to the hospital, but never made it. He is currently at Mercy Hospital due to a brain aneurysm. At 12:20pm PST, Shawn was pronounced dead. Please pray for his family and especially his 8 year old daughter. He was pronounce clinically brain dead @ 12:20pm and will be left on life support for 24 hours until his parents fly in to say thier final good bye's he will then have his organ donated and will be cremating him. This message is to help friends of his that might not be aware, know of his untimely death. He used to come on Ubi, he was in a clan called THC and then went on to LGOW and then to GT and now A4D. He would host a room on Ghost Recon called "No Mods No BS" and would be good games all night. He was a great guy and known by many and if any of you remember our friend mac please feel free to post your concerns on this thread or our site. www.a4d.org
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