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  1. There is a retlock, its called: grenadelauncher.

    RTW maps

    This mod is an expansion of the original campaign map, its not really new, but its different. Ive heard its good, but I havent tried it myself. Its 10 MB Mundus Magnus Unfortunately, like you already noticed: new maps are usually part of big mods.
  3. 6) Since it takes me only 3 clicks to pick a kit, I think there are more important issues than this. Would be nice to keep the kit of the last map though.
  4. In solo replays u can only view one person, unfortunately . There s nothing u can do about it afaik
  5. I checked my dutch manual. And it actually does say that respawns and ai back-up dont work together . Although its hard to find and easily to miss. It says so at the end of the respawn section in the multiplayer department page 30 in the dutch manual (I dont have an english one) I dont think I ever read the manual properly though, cause it is indeed a very hard to find the good info.
  6. If the AI back-up switch is greyed out, u need to make sure that u have the respawns set to "none"
  7. So thats why they gave release dates (nov 2004, Q1 2005) for pc, they never thought about releasing it on pc.
  8. I dont know if this will help, but a week ago I suddenly had the same problem. It was caused by some toolbar I had installed and running. Removing it fixed teh problem
  9. well, the last thing that I consider reliable are gaming magazine reviews... its isnt that bad
  10. I think the game your waiting for is Operation Flash Point 2 with tanks helis etc, I dont think GR2 will be supporting us players driving anything and if we did it would only be a hummer. It had some much potential. I must say when I first saw it at E3 in like 2002 I was excited but then the site came out and it wasnt quite what I expected. no gr2 it is... I like gr multiple times better then other war games.
  11. copy that..bought it too but its so hard to find good games with that game...havent played it in a month...and itsonly out for about 3-4 months... I do think its an awesome game and I would choose it over something like JO anytime (especially tankbattles and heli-flying is so cool), but its so hard to find a good server with a stable connection..its so annoying getting "connection lost" when you are playing at 30 ping servers with your +- 3000/400 cable connnection Well only 5 months or so to go till gr2....cant wait!! p.s. the worst is when your commander is an idiot and you have to earn your ownmoney to buy a proper tank and when you finally have it some idiot-teammate runs in front and you ride over it adn you kill him, causing you to commit suicide and some other teammate steals your hard-earned tank and Edit: did I mention the "I shoot your tank and all I hit is the ground beneath you"-bug, Ive experienced hundreds of times???
  12. Are your saying there's TWO places activate mods? I find only one. I had it activated under the OPTIONS MOD screen off the main GR menu. There's no option for MODs in the OPTIONS MULTIPLAYER TAB. I also don't have a MODs tab in the multiplayer screen. There's only a column whether others are running active mods. I found nothing in the server setup. What am I mising? sry my bad...I ment the options screen mod tab so in that mod tab..you should only have ds and it activated the serversided maps from fng will then be playable and your buds can join sry for the mixup what the server-sided mod does is add a few missionfiles (and environmentfiles) to your mods/origmiss folder. These files are only needed on the server and when you launch your server and select one of these fng missions it will send the data to all clients that have joined the server
  13. hx5 mortars should be used while on your knees. then wait for the ret to close. Guess (or measure on the map) the distance and put that number on your target. It should be going smoothly then
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