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  1. KS: Luis Eduardo Guerrero Chiwo http://www.kickstart...file/1882728310
  2. wow! i just found this thread and you make my day! another Lightspeed tourny!!!! Thanks Lighty!
  3. I received my set today, thanks Rocky!
  4. Wow! just signed in GR net after a few weeks away and found this great surprise! Ordered right away! Thanks Rocky!
  5. Congrats to the winners, you did a great job ! To the rest of the teams, boooooo, you suck! lol, j/k The missions were really challenging, im still amazed there were teams who finished all the missions! Anyway, in the end the GR community won, as we'll soon have another excelent mod to add to the very long list and hopefully extend the live of GR for a few more years !
  6. Thanks Lighty & Thales, this is a great mod, and a great tourney! The missions are a really , REALLY something to remember. My son & I enjoyed hours playing together on this, and we sure will go again to beat the (many) maps we couldn't during the tourney. THANK YOU! (standing ovation)
  7. Im 37 and my son & team mate (Darkey) on this tourney is 18, both have been playing since 2002, when my wife gave me GR as b-day present (she still regreting that, after all the time I spent playing it, lol, j/k)
  8. NBP Team X3M Darkye Thanks for all the work & time you put on this tourney/mod guys!
  9. Come play with us at or visit us at www.rebelspecialforces.org We're a solid multigame clan, we're celebrating our 6th anniversary !
  10. RSF dedicated server Visit us at www.rebelspecialforces.org, we're celebrating our 6th anniversary!
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