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  1. Does anyone know of a server that just runs GR plus DS/IT without any mods? Haven't played ghost recon for God knows how long, but would like to get back into it; BF2 is just getting tiresome.
  2. When you think the handle of your badminton racket is a silencer.
  3. Sam Fisher is not a Solid Snake wanabe. Ok I agree Solid Snake was the first but that doesn't mean he is the best, and anyway Solid Snake and his Metal Gear Solid world is complete fanatasy and has no realworld meaning at all. And Sam Fisher has the most badass voice any computer character could dream of.
  4. I wish they put in the the same weapons system as in RS3:RavenShield. I don't think the actual game is better but I do admire the level of detail when choosing your weapons and modifying them. Heat vision would also be great, like in Splinter Cell, but I would also like it if they used the same night vision effect used in Delta Force: BlackHawkDown which looks incredibly cool and realistic.
  5. I'm not sure if i'm looking at the latest GR2 screenshots correctly but do all the soldiers displayed in the screenshots look a bit retarded/mentally challenged to you lot???? Look at the guy above, he is bending is head in a weird manner as if he is listening to is machine gun, why would he do that ??? Whats up with this guys hand, does he have arthritis or what??? its quite disturbing to me. This guy looks like a mule! He seems to be looking at his scope rather than through it. What ever happened to the good old specialists???
  6. Yes I agree with this console business. The PC is the mother of them all but no one pays her enough respect!!!!! I mean, a few weeks ago I played Silent Hill 3 on my pc and it was like I entered a new dimension or something! the game was designed so beautifully I almost forgot I was playing a game!!! It was obviously a port but the graphics looked, literally 10x better than a console! Why not make such games for PC????
  7. Take it easy people, why so negative??? Its not the end of the world. We all love GR to bits but wasn't always like that. When we first play GR2 it will look wierd but we will soon get used to it. If you think Redstorm/UBI is bad you should take a look at the situation at EAs Command&Conquer Generals: Zero Hour forums. I've been playing the original and its mission pack since day 1 and it has been a total nightmare. It could have been one of the best strat. games ever but EA didn't give a squat, they made their money and that was all that mattered to them. Loyal fans are falling off like flies and a patch hasn't been released for over 6 months now. The lobbies are full of cheaters and scumbags. You can barely get a game going because the net code is screwed upside down and even if you do you get your ass kicked by some cheater who thinks its fun exploiting bugs & glitches in the game. People have been pleading to EA to sort the game out and others have been shouting abuse at them from their very own forums but they don't care, no replies, no nothing!!! It is quite distressing what money can do to people.
  8. The Stone geezer is the coolest especially when he is wearing the bank robber mask and has the full gear on with that bolt action sniper rifel. I can remember taking out ###### loads of rebels with him. Plus he was SAS which makes him the closest to 007, who is the coolest of them all, but THE coolest is sam fisher from splinter cell, but sadly he isn't in Ghost Recon but he is still part of the UBI soft crew so I guess it still counts.
  9. Hi, I haven't played ghost recon for time and all the servers I use to play on are not online anymore. Can someone please tell me the addresses of best servers currently online with a large number of players? Thanks
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