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  1. Thank you, but I was looking for someone that can do this. I use to till my PC died on me and is stuck on my mac. This has stopped me cold at this time in making mods. 3DSM and the .rsb plugin only works for PC not on Macs. Again I ask any modders out there, could you please help me out in making these armpatches work for GR & RVS to be used on both PC & Macs. Thanks!
  2. Here is the armpatches that I need converted for GR and RVS for both PC and Mac! They need to be seperated due so certain armpatches can be used at a time. I appreciate any help in this. I hope to hear fro anyone that would like to help me out! Thanks!
  3. I ran into a bind...My PC HD went awol and I was in the middle of converting several armpatches for both PC&MAC GR and RVS. I have the armpatches as .gifs on my mac laptop but need someone to make them for GR so that my team can use them. I really need some help! Please anyone out there can you help me out???
  4. In the Harshness of the winter storm, an icescape of death and carnage. I had arisen from the explosions that thrown a fellow team mate into me, knocking me down. Our initial insertion was compromised and my team was all but wiped out in a hail of gunfire and explosions from claymores and hand grenades going off. Dazed but not injured, this was not a story of a would be Rambo, this was my story of why I had to secede this mission this goal. I am a retainer of the man that stands behind me and of this uniform I wear. As of another time and another place he would have been a lord and I his loyal samurai, his retainer. The code of that time I take into this time were the lack of honor, the lack of courage, and the lack of commitment to one self as well as to friends, family in the real world and of here in the cyber world. To you this is just a game nothing more. Like you and other before you a game is just a game. To me this is just another way of life. Like in the service with real weapons that use miles gear to simulate real war, those men and women often think it’s a game and nothing more, the same as you all view this to be. This is the future of warfare this is the future of technology. All that has forgotten the key points of human life. A sense of who we are and were we fit in. My place is of the real with loyalties to my family as well as to my mates I leave behind that are dead or still in the service. But enough of this idle chitchat, Back to were you want to be of the cyber world of warfare. My soul purpose is that of loyalty and nothing more. Personal gains in this artificial combat are of no concern, only that I serve my lord, my friend as his retainer. The lord I serve and speaking of is that of General Ghostdog, the SeaWolves SWSOC commander. I wont bore you with all the definitions to the abbreviations of the SeaWolves. That is for you to find out at their home site. Here we go now. I think Ghostdog feels that he is covering my six; honestly I don’t need him to try. Like the samurai of the past, I am to head into the midst of death and hit my mark at the cost of my life. There is no secret, no tricks, and no round about ways of this. My art is of immediacy and precision. (I know I am loosing you right now!) Here is the action. I am in the middle of a snow map of Frostbite and all but me and my master are still alive cause of a barrage of incoming grenades and clays being set off. I had seen my attackers that killed most of my team. To me I am already considered dead to them they thought I was going to run for cover. They were dead wrong. Instead of using my rifle H&K G36C that was in hand, I switched to my Glock instead and ran at them head on. Dazed and confusion must have taken a hold of them of the site of a lone soldier dashing at them that some of them started to run another stood in stupor and a couple started to open fire. There was no amazement from me in my actions only that when I fired my Glock, my aim was true and my rounds hit home to the targets I was firing at. First target I hit him in the chest with a double tap, and hit his buddy that was turning to flee with another double tap to the back left shoulder, both dropped as I ran over their dig in spot. Still in a run, I fired again this time to my right side bind some cover nailing the next of my targets two times, one in the left side of his chest the other to the brain pan. Death came to him quickly. He was a better shot, before he dropped dead, he manage to get off several rounds. One round hit me in the left shoulder the other left side to back with his Desert Eagle. This had me spin but I was still in a run. I mange to right myself and continue my dash to my last targets. Ghostdog was following at a safe distance to cover my six. He was wounded in the initial seconds of the firefight that is what had slowed him down. I had reacquired my main target and was heading towards him when his buddy from behind his own place of cover dashed out and started spraying rounds at my direction with his H&K UMP 45. I took several rounds more several in my right leg and to my stomach and in the process of being knocked about by the hail of gunfire was hit in my left arm. I managed to fire of several rounds nailing him cold to the point of death for him. I was alive but in bad shape. Ghostdog on the mic screaming he is on his way to help me and hold on. But I knew he would be to late to be of help to me. I had only one round left in my Glock. I didn’t realize this till after it was over. The last man target was cornered and he turned to see me enter the building he ran into dragging my wounded leg, and bullet-ridden body coved in my own blood and the Glock now taking aim to him. He raised his H&K MP5 in a last ditch effort to stay alive, and squeezed off his weapon at me. I being hit pulled the trigger to my Glock after getting the quick aim to his head and my only and last round to that clip hit true to the mark center of his forehead and the next squeeze of the trigger my Glock went…. “Click”, empty! And I dropped to the ground dead! Ghostdog was moments behind my last seconds of life in a do or die fight with my enemy and he had seen my shot as well as my target shooting me. I was killed but I did my job to the end for I was his retainer sworn to protect my master, my lord, and my best friend to the end. For I knew from the start I was already dead! This is the way of the Samurai, found in death!
  5. Guilty as charged! I was playing Defend with my team mates on Island Map and a tango ran past me for the base. I spun around with my M-4 and fired a round through the tango's back and the rounds went through my mates chest as he was running to intercept the tango. My mates rounds also hit the tango and a couple fond there way into my left arm and shoulder wounding me. I still was alive and won the mission but my freind wasn't so lucky!
  6. Last man standing. Game loaded I was inside and 11 other players looking for one thing, to be the last man standing. For me I felt that I will get it but I will not go down with out at least one kill to show for it. Threat indicator off, and all I have were SN P90 SD and 2 sensors. I found an area of bushes and set one sensor at the only 2 ways open to me. Sure enough Victim #1 pops up and makes his way to me not knowing I can see him. I pop up from the prone and snipe him real fast. I caught him in the face. Then dropped to the prone real fast. Victim #2 was after him and seen him enter towards me. He made his way as if sneaking up on a prey. Little did he know he was the prey as I was the hunter with one thing in mind, taking him down fast! He spotted my first kill and his intended target and was looking all over to see who nabbed his prey. He walks up towards me and less then 1 meter away I let him have it as I popped up and shot him through the chest. Then again dropped done in the prone. Victims #3 through 8 were all as shocked from Jack in the box maneuver. As for Victim #9 he was camping and not going to budge from his hole. So I had to taunt him a little bit and made a lot of noise to draw him out. It paid off. I dropped my last sensor by the out side of the camp. He was hiding in the tent. As he crept out of the tent I was directly behind the tent and snuck up behind him then when he turns to check his 6 what he seen was my barrel and the flash as I unloaded a full clip in his face. I not only survived one or two encounters, I wasted them all and with out getting shot or wounded. Proving to my team of friends that I was… …”The Last Man Standing!”
  7. I personally can't wait for this mod to be released. I have a whole team that looks forward in playing it. Keep us informed on its progress!
  8. I see it and can't believe it...Stargate SG-1 Mod for GR. My only questions are this. 1.Will this mod have the Original SG-1 Team, Jackson, Maj. Samantha Carter, Col. Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill, Teal'c? 2. In MP games can you play ether the SG team or Jaffa or Goa'uld? 3. Will there be sequals to this mod after you finish it? 4. Will you also put in specialist some of the Original movie Cast that were the original Stargate team? (Kurt Russell, etc) I can't wait...once your mod is up and working Iam sure my team will start a SG team up! I salute you and your staff on a fan dream come true! Keep up the great work!
  9. Awsome Mod...I loved it when it first came out! I hope to see more of these type mods being made! I salute these mod makers!
  10. It offten amazes even me how idiots scream foul only after getting their tails caught between their legs and killed. The one that often screams cheater is the one who could never learn to play the game for fun! Granted there are cheaters out there, but if you ever feel you been cheated just simply find another server to play on! I think your win as you told it, legit and fair...keep up the good work! I salute you! Time to frag some crying wannabe GR soldiers!
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, You all have to understand one thing here, France is still holding a grudge against the United States since the 1980s. In 1982, President Ronald Reagan made a statement to the nation and to the world, directed at terrorist, quoted saying "You can run, but you can't hide!" He then gave a presidential order to strike at the families of know terrorist where ever they are at. So US Special Forces tacked down a know location of a main Terrorist Leaders family Apartment in France and blew the building up with everyone in it and without informing the French Government of the operation and of the targets. Bad new was the families were tipped off and were not in the building when it was destroy and several innocent familles were killed in the botched operation. Later in defiance to United States asking to use Frances airspace to have our bombers fly straight from Spain to Libya to strike directly, refused access and made a stink about it to the general public as well as mention the botched special forces mission made in its country by the US. (Note that the USS Stark was hit by a French Made Exorcet Missile that Libya fired at the ship) France has been also at the fore front against the UK as well. During the Battle of the Falklands, the British lost a couple of their warships to the same French made missile. You decide how to view their defiance towards the US!
  12. I have to mention one thing, thankfully he wasn't a member the Seawolves Tactical Assault Team(STAT) wich I am a current member of! He would have been banned for life from the team for actions of treason. This was the first for me of a friend that went rouge on his own friends! I hope it is the last!
  13. Mean Guns (Firefight, Bo-M08 Battlefield, Elite, Navy Seal V2.0 mod) It started with six of us dropped in the meat grinder. The Seal Team was made up of 2 snipers (Sniper & Spotter), 4 on assault. This was my first time back with my old team of friends. “I had taken up the role of the sniper on this hop. My spotter on this mission was 1stSgt. Arnold a long time friend was to cover my six. Up to this point I hadn’t seen him for about 7 months. We all had held a briefing on the mission on mIRC32, and planned what was to be expected out of each and everyone as a team. We set up comms on Roger Wilco. My designation on this mission was “God”, cover and support sniper. My spotter was to tail the assault team as a direct close support. On this mission I was equipped with my M-25 suppressed sniper rifle with H&K MP5k PDW. We started the mission and so far so good as we all had thought. I started with what the plan detailed me to do. I was to head north till I made the road then head east on the road but not to be seen and if made any contact with enemy units to dispatch them quiet so not to give away the teams presence in the area. Made my way to the road and no sign of resistance, and proceeded to head east on the road to the small group of buildings. Getting close to the buildings I made contact. One enemy soldier spotted, with no signs of any others present. “God to 1, made contact, engaging target,” I communicated to the team leader as I fired a round and hit the soldier in the back of the head. “God to 1, no further contacts, proceeding as planned. God, Out!” The response was, “1 to God, roger that, in position waiting for you to get to your spot. I then made my way to my designated sniper hole, however I felt I was to much out in the open and no cover to protect myself. I made my way into one of the outer building and had taken out another enemy soldier quietly and not gave away my location to anyone with in an earshot! That is when the mission went south real fast “HOLD YOUR FIRE THEY’RE ON OUR SIDE,” came across the comms. “1 to God; 2 and 3 are down, taking friendly fire from 5… HOLD YOUR FIRE THEY’RE ON OUR SIDE!” Comms went dead. 5 happened to be my friend 1stSgt. Arnold. In my horror he had wiped out the whole assault team, and for why? I soon found out. “ScornDrake, where are you buddy, we can work this out if you come out and show yourself”, Arnold was trying to get me to make the first move. “Arnold are you nuts? Why? Why kill off the team in a mission? What gives?” I questioned him. “I’m tired of being second rate to you and the team. I joined another team and if I kill you I will have proven my loyalty to my new team, The Death Raiders. You see you have to die and I will get the credit in taking out my mentor.” Great, not only am I being hunted buy the enemy, but also from a now former friend on my own team that can find me with the GPS! Boom! A 40mm round exploded in the wall near me, fired from a M203. He was carrying a M-4A1 Sopmod SD w/M203 40 mm grenade launcher. Could have aborted the mission at this point. But this became a matter of honor and vengeance for my fallen comrades. However I know he has now only four left of his 40mm grenades but it only takes one to get close to take me out of the picture. Boom! Getting closer to me with the rounds! I knew there was about 3 to 4 enemy soldiers in the area close to both Arnold and me. I switched to my MP5k and fired off a random burst to draw attention to us. It had paid off somewhat. “Taking Enemy Fire!” echoed across the comms as the enemy unit of 3 soldiers with 2 using hand grenades was pinning him down. I had one out of twenty chances I could get close enough that I could get off a shot to kill him off fast! Boom! Boom! Boom! The explosions echoed as he took out the 3 soldiers with his remaining 40mm rounds. All I know was I got shot. Not to bad but bad enough to make me limp! I made it into another building long enough to switch to my H&K MP5k. He made one fatal mistake at this point. He followed me into the room but a moment to late as I opened fire on him shredding him on full auto emptying my clip in his dead corps. He soon after left the game in disgrace. I finished the mission wounded and won it for my team of best friends minus the traitor that tried to kill me for his own new team! He got a quick lesson from me that ScornDrake means “Scorned Young Dragon.”
  14. Pvt. Swordfish, I have to say you played those missions well against the OPFOR. Nicely told about the last mission played of the night! I couldn't let you get killed on your first outing as a STAT member not to mention I feel that my team is more important than my own characters life! I cover everyone's six that is on my team no matter who they might be from other online gaming teams. I still live by the Army Core Values that have been taught to me while in the Army; Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage I feel that even in GR teams these still hold true! My Loyalty is to the Seawolves and anyone who I play with on my team in combat. My Duty is to make sure that my team makes it through any mission played to the best of my ability. I Respect all the players who I come to play with and or against and have fun in the process. My Selfless-Service is to lay down my character life if I have to, to ensure that my team makes it and finishes any mission started or win any battle that they can. I hold my Honor highly whit comes to the teams I play for and against. I will not cheat and will not lower myself to the level of that in any game I play. I try to hold my actions back not to harm the Integrity of the Seawolves in which I am a proud member of, for I am a representative of the team when playing any and all online sims that I participate in. I prove my Personal Courage everyday while playing GR with my fellow team members as well as players I with from time to time! The games that I played with Pvt. Swordfish where to prove that buddy system works in GR and that even with the odds stacked against him that he will always be on top if he has faith in his team to watch his back as he does the same for them. Pvt. Swordfish has proven to me he has a set of values in GR and will watch my Six! For that I am proud to call him a friend of mine!
  15. SeaWolves Virtual Military Gears Up For WAR!!! Check out the latest news on the developments of the 3rd Online War!
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