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  1. I volunteer for those missions… Elkhound – pxs – ready to take a squad into action
  2. "GHOST RECON TOURNAMENT 2009 - will be delayed until I can be bothered hoasting - sorry - that day may never come!" Sorry to hear - (got yourself a life IRL? Or just GR totaly burned out?) - Will the already constucted missions be able to download, if You really are to skip the tournament part? Guess a lot ot dedicated players are waiting for them...
  3. I do my best to join this insert...
  4. I'll start the training right now - Replaying all my old downloaded tournament missions - using only 6 operatives... Looking forward to the tournament - It will be great! Any 'old weapon mod' specially recomended for practice?
  5. What kind of cd are you using? If you got the old original cd's - you have to have cd1 in computor to be able to play... But I purchased a "new" 'UBISOFT eXclusive Ghost Recon complete pack' - containing the 3 cd's. Downloaded on another computor. After install I tryed playing online with cd1 in computor as it normally is done - game crashed. Tryed with cd3 'the Island thunder' in computor instead - everything works fine!
  6. Stand up - bump into them surly triggers them... Kneeling works as well if I remember correctly. Only dock workers on dock/bridge are valid. All other unarmed are civilians and farmers just doing their things - and you can't snatch them. Be happy becase they are not VC sounding any alarm, but yes, they rather stare you to death than follow you...
  7. Centcom night? Sure - set a time and I'll be there
  8. Well defiantly dying – Look at ubi – seems to be just a bunch of ‘run and shoot’ guys on servers running super weapon mods like da49 and hx5 and 'live forever' settings. Mods and settings for amateurs with no finesse I would say. And no one seems to visit a good coop server as the Alpha server now days. Yes defiantly dying I must say. All pro coop multiplayer operators moving to ArmA or just waiting and hoping for Graw2 to be the next pro coop multiplayer game. Last major initiative was 9ManSquad’s GR1 Fun Day in April. More initiatives like that or [GR] will be fading away…
  9. Before and during a tournament - once/twice a day! Sometimes more. Otherwise one to four times a month.
  10. Tested coop yesterday - Yes a lot of new AI's showed up - never got that far so we cold find out weather weapons cages etc works... Will continue testing... Elkh.pxs.cpl
  11. One of the PXS members tested the mod to see whether it was worth installing on the pxs-server. He gave the following review: “When I tried this mod with others activated, the other mods threw out the optics by miles...i.e.where you were looking at was miles from where you are shooting at! The mod is good but will not run correctly with other mods, so no, I would not recommend running it on our server.†So now my question is: Is there any new patch coming that will fix this problem? Would like to play the mod together with the YOTM-mod. Will that ever be possible?
  12. Now tried the missions with different settings… I put in the ‘(DTD) Team mod’ in the active mod list and mission 5 started! Have mods set in following order: Island Thunder Desert Siege DTD Team mod Winter Wonderland Centcom Mod Behind_Enemy_Lines So far the sp missions appear to work fine in single play versions, except mission 3, (which apparently seem to be a combined sp and coop mission). Problem here is random insert and weapons won’t switch at weapon cage, (even though pop up info says so). When it comes to the coop missions – I do not know – do You have to
  13. Downloaded the "Behind Enemy Lines Co-op Missions" via GR net links It stated that mods should be set in following order: ISLAND THUNDER DESERT SIEGE WINTER WILDERNESS CENTCOM BEHIND ENEMY LINES Can't find a "Winter Wilderness" mod by Lancer. I only find Lancer*s "Winter Wonderland v1" Is that the mod to use? Tried and it seemed to work until I got to mission 5. Had no problem playing mission 1-4, but mission 5 will not start - game shuts down... The extra mission seems to start ok. What can the problem be? Do You think I have wrong mod versions? Or is there a problem
  14. Phoenix soldier (pxs) are thinking of running the mod on their server - the question I got is: Would running the realism update on the server mean that we would not be able to run weapon modifications such as Flava 1.4 at the same time?
  15. Hoak wrote Well what I'm looking for is a mod that encourage coop and intensifies the feeling "Oh - i really have to co-op with my teammates" and theirby "slow down" coop and other multiplayer games... A realism mod that is so hard that it has to be played with a voiceprogram. All to get rid of all "solo, run and shoot, wanna live forever guys". A mod that dedicated clans/players can use during practice and gaming. Hope this will end up as the mod I'm looking for...
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