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  1. Ya,I can't get into any rooms,well I can't even host rooms.WellI can,but nobody comes in,probably because I'm not compatible. What could be reasons for this? It was fine the last time I played. I did do one thing,I took out a stick of 512 ram,and left in the stock 256. The games and all were downloaded with 736 mb's. Could this have done anything? thx ferany help.
  2. Wow,I never thought of it as cheating. Most people I play with have the mod,and well,I guess it does give you an advantage,being able to see whats coming up into view earlier. thx for the inout.
  3. Hi! I was wondering if somebody could help direct me to where I can download the fullscreen night and sniper rifle scope mods. Their mod names and a link would be much a ppreciated. Thanx!
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