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  1. Hey thanks snow. I got some more on here some where just need to find out where i put them. Thanks again bro
  2. If yall need them I got so really good side shots of the M249, M240b, M4w/all toys on it, SMAW-d, and some others. These weapons arent right out of the box they are the ones we used over in afganistan. I gave some of them to DTD to use in a weapons mod. Dont know if they still have them. I got them around here some where.
  3. Yeah that is the rilfe we were talking about. I dont think I ever got around to releasing it cuase that mod fell thru. I think I still have the weapon around on the HD just got that HD back from storage.
  4. The question I have is will it come with all the versions that the army is making of it. I just talked with a team that came out to talk to us about our equipment that we used in afganistan and the armorer guy told me that it will be in 5.56 7.62 support and sniper versions. Pretty much what the xm8 was suppost to be but will never be. Also the army is coming out with a new pistol to replace the m9 9mm, the mk 23 socom. It will be .45 cal but that is all that is known right now as that they are still designing it from the ground up.
  5. Lets see what I can pull out my butt here. Since I am an U.S. infantryman it depends on the unit you are in. Right now I'm with the 25th ID in afganistan as you most know. Here is what I was carrying up the hills(mountains acutally 11000 feet type): 13 mags of 5.56 1:5 ratio ball to tracer 4 frags 1 smawd 1 camel bak 1 assualt pack with 2nd combat load of 5.56 (300 more rounds) My M-249 gunner carried (mission depending) 600 5.56 link 1 frag 1 assualt pack with 1800 more rounds m240b 300 rounds 7.62 800 round in assualt pack m203 gunner 300 rounds 6-12 High Explosive rounds 2 smoke round 1 illum round 100 m240 rounds 1 frag That should cover it. As for When I was in iraq last year : i carried 20 mags 5.56 20 HE rounds 3 smoke 2 illum I was a m203 gunner plus on bradleys so we didnt move far from the tracks and was able to carry more cuase we werent in the mountains as we are here. Light Infantry motto: Travel light freeze at night Mech Infantry motto: Hey where can I fit this case of soda and pack of hotdogs. 1 day and a wake up left in afcrackastan
  6. My boys from iraq. If yall had my iraq pics then yall seen this before. If not its 1st plt B Co 3-7 IN crossing at OBJ Peach in iraq during the war. It was the first river crossing since WW II. And it was done by a mech (bradley) dismounted unit. Not 82nd or 101st. Later soup
  7. Hell Id do her. But I been gone for a year too.
  8. @Hatchetforce You mean us line dogs got something yall dont?? Cuase we got the PAS-13b v2 and PAS-13bv3. The v3 has a 5x on it I do belive. My guys all think they think weigh to much.
  9. @dick I understand what you are saying but if we as the allies dont have the high ground then what do we have?? If we beat and torture the epw we are just as bad as them.. The first day of OIF my company alone took 198 EPWs. We treated them fair. We let them use the woodline (not the woodline but you know what I mean) under armed guard. We didnt eat in front of them. Cuase we didnt have the food to spare. We treated them the way we wanted to be treated. Its the rules!! The problem is that we are fighting a war were the rules are gray for them. Before we got here a unit from 82nd airborne here in the gan caught an enemy soldier. He was not in uniform. he was in civilian clothes. They thought he was just a terrorist well when they started to question hiim he pulled out his taliban card that said he was a taliban soldier. At that point he was no longer a PUC(personnel under us control) He was then an EPW. I know I got off the subject but we have to have the high ground if we dont then we are just the same as them.
  10. @para Yeah the one with the fat chick with the large ahhhhh...... Thanks bro soup
  11. Hey when grunts get bored they take pics of there nuts. lol. The chick was motivational pics from one of the guys exgirlfriends. I got more new pics. Its up to 14 gigs of pics now. I will see what I can do about posting some for yall. Later soup
  12. Hey dan If you can post some of the good pics that would be great. The net over here sucks ass. (Iraq gets all the good stuff we get the left overs). @eric Im all with ya brother.
  13. Supa you didnt get the pics. I know cushy has them its like a 161 meg zipped. I think avey got them too so check with him too. Later soup Frago you were the one that made me take them off the filemanger cuase it was taken up to much space. Or was it the other limey?? cant remember lol
  14. Seems like yall got the new stuff. We in the 25th id still have the old m24 and m22. We do have the LCH-1 laser range finder and the viper range finder. But for the most part we still go the m22 m24. just my 2cents
  15. Thanks man The army closed down GR,net for us. Told us it was a chat room bull. But we got it turned back on. Hey supa you got my pics from the range how about you put some of them up for me. (not the naked chick or the nut sack ones). Plus I got 2 new slide shows for yall. Good tunes and good pics. later soup
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