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  1. Too good a game and too many mods to try to stay away for long. Hard not to fire a few slugs at least once a week.
  2. I guess you're describing mission 1. Better go to the 'walkthroughs' section in the 'recon' page. There you'll get pretty good advise on how to finish all the regular missions. Cheers.
  3. Women. Can't live with them....here you can kill them. Now seriously. What I don't like about women characters in the game, in mods specially, are their manly voices. Just can't get the picture of how good they look in BDUs when a tuba voice says 'out of sight'
  4. Get everyone on the helipad after all other objectives are cleared and that should do the trick. Or better yet, hone your ambush skills with the second wave of tangos. Some times you can even recreate one of the final scenes from 'Saving pvt. Ryan' when the germans following the tank are caught in a double blast.
  5. DTD's IDF force + Code Ocelot are a great combo.
  6. My snipers get silver stars in buckets (well...small buckets tbh ) and once I got the equivalent to the DSC but it was one of C&K's british commandos and that award system is unknown to me, except for the Victoria Cross which is the british equivalent of the CMH, AFAAIK.
  7. There I am playing the embassy mission for the 20th time I have just cleaned the bank and my scout is checking the undergroubd parking lot. He finds two tangos and quickcly dispatches them with two three shot bursts, then he goes prone and begins looking for more tangos when he notices a military boot behind a van . Selects single fire and places a M4 slug in the toe of the boot. The owner of the boot falls and and I hear the 'another kill' message'; that dropped me to the floor roaring with laughter! I had never seen that before. I intended to drop him first and finish him with a more lethal wound but all I needed was a lousy foot wound to kil him. That was funny, from now on I'll look for more foots to kill.
  8. Just played the first missions and the mod is simply awesome!! Just sweetened it up with the WoW3 mod and it runs like a dream. Great work guys. Keep up the good work.
  9. SP only here too. Have Mohaa series for PC and Call of Duty. While I admit they all have their good points, they still lag behind GR, which is my first experience with Tom Clancy games btw. The sales guy at the video store has been pestering me (like he did with GR btw) that I get Rainbow Six games and it looks ok but I'm not quite convinced yet. Being a strategy games nut I found in GR what I was looking for. diferent ways to finish missions instead of rushy 'shoot them all ' games. Maybe that's why I don't like babysit missions where instead of a ghost youhave to be a shield/hammer. Since I'm new to the game, I still find myself mesmerized by the rich variety of solutions to each missions and the truckloads of mods for the game. I see no way of geting bored with GR inthe next 6 months at least but it would be nice to try another challenging game like this one. Cheers.
  10. LOL!! I just got off playing and was just checking the forum. I have particular problems with mission 3 because even when all my teams are on SUPRESS + ADVANCE, mode the flank teams tend to hide from the second wave of tangos. Not an hour ago I lost my best specialist and one trooper (team A) to one lousy tango who practicaly walked over them before hosing them both with his Kalashnikov. I reloaded to see what was the situation before their deaths an found they were both hiding behind a bush and the tango killed them coming from the front! That happens to me all too often. Thanks for the advice Chems. I'll give it a try.
  11. Same as in the IDF mod. Only you have to be kneeling and the israeli sighting system has a pretty decent zoom. My weapon of choice to get rid of the tangos in the camp on mission 1.
  12. But wont that cause for them to keep going till they're spotted? (on recon)
  13. Recon is a mistery for me too. Sometimes my teams on recon shoot and kill from a distance and other times they just hide and keep quiet untill the tangos practically walk over my guys and shot them.
  14. Being a newbie to this game everyting is new and amazing to me. This is great news since I'll have more time to get used to GR and its great mods.
  15. Yey!! I captured the officer!! I did as Markux told me. Cleaned up eastern island followed by the western one. Right after that a yellow marker appeared, so I sent my A squad (only one man left by then in that squad) and there he was, scared and defenseless. Think I killed his guards in one of the islands because the cabin was empty. Thanks again Markux!!
  16. Great mod. One of my favorites. Specially like the mortars, love it when I hurl a shell over to the center of a tango camp and kill half a dozen soldiers with one blast. Wat I find funny is that some weapons (like the Kalashnikovs and Fals) sound like singing birds when fired is this a bug or part of the mod?
  17. Yes, the cookie munching guards were dead along with the whole garrison, yet he was very well armed and not the least frightened. I´ll follow Markux advise and report how it goes. Thanks for the pointers guys.
  18. Aye NYR_32 that's the walkthrough I was reffering to but the officer was not in the house or its surroundings and yes Loke I killed the guards first just like I did with Papashlivi. In fact I killed everyone in the map but the crickets. Yet the guy didn't give up his weapon. He killed my sniper when he approached him even though there were no tangos left but him.
  19. Ok, here's the thing. In the swamp mission the alternative objective is to capture the Russian officer in the two story house, but he's never there. He's at the main camp and willing to shoot anything that moves (of course that's what they pay him for ). But he wont give up even after all the other tangos on the map are dead. Have tried to catch him in recruit and vet modes always with the same result. I followed the walkthrough positioning mi lone sniper non the northeaster exit from the house, cleared the house of tangos and never find that sneaky fellow anywhere but in the eastern island. What am I doing wrong?
  20. Thanks for the advise RR GRT. I had the same problem today so I followed your instructions, first deleted the mods in the file to leave only. // MODS SETTINGS - LIST OF MODS ACTIVE ON THIS SYSTEM "\mods\mp1" "\mods\mp2" But nothing happened so I deleted the whole file and still the same results. Man this is frustrating I deleted the whole mod that was giving me trouble, which btw had run ok a few days earlier, and still have the same problem. Pity. I like those mods but are fed up with all the uninstalling and reinstalling. Thanks anyway pal.
  21. Hi folks. First let me say this game is so adictive it's scary. Been playing it daily for about three weeks and can't seem to get enough of it. And the great mods there are make the game worth way more than what I paid for it, GR Gold Edition btw. But I have found a fly in my GR soup which I'm sure more than one of you people will help me remove. The thing is that in two ocasions mods I have dl'd have caused the game to block and don't load again until I reinstall the game completely. Not even restoring info (I have Win XP PRO) from previous dates helps. I'm pretty sure the mods can't be blamed for that problem since I have read so many people's great comments about them but it's a real drag to erase everything and begin downloading it again because you don't know where the problem is. Today I uninstalled/reinstalled GR, DS and IT, dl'd and installed BjB's Sabre Teams which, I have been using for the past ten days and is a superb mod, and everything runs ok. Right now I'm restoring my former library of mods that had been working fine. What I'd like to know is what can I do to prevent running into the same problems again. I'm making backup copies of the mods I get, but is there anything else I can do? Cheers and thanks in advance for any advise.
  22. Medieval TW nut for the last 1.8 years and eagerly waiting for Rome TW. MOHAA, Call of Duty, they're ok. Combat Flight Sim 3 barely ok. IL2 FB hard, very hard. GR gold edition and it's mods are beyond my expectations. Never tought a first person game would be so much fun.
  23. Yes MsKitty babysit missions are kind of a drag for me too, any rushy mission is and this game is very unforgiving if you don't pay attention to details. Have been trying to avoid using walkthroughs to create my own style of playing without the bias of other players plus some three days ago I downloaded SabreTeams and Frostbite mods to get more variety of skins and weapons (pity the original specialists are gone). I strart a brand new campaing using the Aussie/NZ ST operatives and everything goes A OK, great skins and weapons but missions are a bit harder with more tangos and more "thuds" than I remember from the original but that was ok with me...till I hit a rock. It was the bridge mission with the UN peacekeepers sieged in the building. Cleared the bridge an the crossroad and was slowly sneaking (as ussual) my way through to the buildings when a window pops open announcing the blue helmets have been eliminated and the mission has failed. I reload, try again and same results, reload try and rush the town and my dirty half dozen is bushwacked. Repeat, try diferent approaches with the same results. It was very frustrating to be beaten by the clock ad decided to try another team and delete that campaing, went to main menu/campaings and was about to delete it when I noticed that instead of "recruit" the dificulty was set on "veteran" Man did I feel like an idiot! Had been playing a harder set of game and all the time I tought it was the mod the one to blame. Anyway I'll use the walthrough now that am humbler and wiser. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Great game, and as KPR 56 said, great mods.
  24. I'm a strategy games man myself. Adicted to Medieval Total War. Didn't think much about FPSs till I got the MOHAA series and later played Call of Duty. They were ok. But Acouple weeks ago I bought GR golden edition because the vid. store guy had been pestering me about it, it was at a bargain price and needed something new for the low wait for Rome Total War. I was delightfully surprised when I began playing it, though the training scenarios never prepare you for what's coming. It was almost like being in the real thing. The scenery, the sounds, the sky, everything looked just great. The first time I got killed (like 2 minutes after I had begun) I was shocked!! Never saw it coming. Being used to several hits before dying I didn't know what to do. Tried againg just to have my whole squad wiped out a few paces off the insertion point, playing recruit on the castle quick game!!! That was more than I could stand. I shut down the game, respectfully placed it in its jewel case and moved to safer games. A week ago I summoned enough courage to try it again, after reading the forums a bit I decided to be more careful. After 3 exhausting hours an 4 tries I managed to end the quick game. Man this game is hard at easy but one of the best games I've ever played. Nothing else has touched my cd driver since, can play only one mission a day, otherwise I end up totally tired. Today I finished mission seven and dreading 8. I love this game.
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