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  1. Thats true. Well, I'll see if I can get it soon. Thanks guys.
  2. Wow, this looks AWESOME. Does it require IT? I just got mine broke an had to get a GOTY version (minus IT) and Have missed out on the Mod's that need it, so, I hope to GOD that this doesn't need it...
  3. The main point of my post was that th 101st IS NOT Special Forces. They are a conventional unit, not to mention a division large. It'd be unrealistic for them to be here, not saying you CAN'T use them just more like a common unit. Rishon
  4. Erm, Force Recon, and the 101st Airborne are not U.S Special Forces. The Green Berets are U.S Special Forces. They are U.S Special Operations Forces. Part of SOCOM. Special Forces is a branded name for Green Berets so, please respect that. Also, the 101st Airborne are not Special Operations capable, so If this is a SF Pack, Realistically, they would not belong.
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