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  1. I don't post much but I do read the forums My problem is this. If we lost GR2 to a console focused dev team what makes us think GR3 will be any different. They couldn't port GR2 over because of work on GR3. So GR3 is done and oh wait.... Sorry we have to focus on GR4 I love GR but this is just pure nonsense. GR is no longer a tactical based game. It's geared more for the console market and I seriously doubt that will change. UBI has just proven they perfer console dollars and give pants all about the PC side. Console first, PC.. whatever we've made our money. I'm looking out for other games coming out and sadly doubt I will come back to GR. This has just left a terrible taste in my mouth. I'm looking at other games like this one. It's called Enemy in Sight http://www.clanbase.com/news.php?nid=170926
  2. Well, I will be holding off until I actually get to play a demo myself. Soldner got great previews but that game turned into a sucking chest wound immediately. I always reserve judgement until I've played it I think the problem is that we've only heard mostly X-Box news. Even the preview on this site is not the PC one. All we have is just assurance from people. Then again these are the same people that took out limping to improve game play So all in all talk is cheap and I will be waiting until I play a demo. I'm sure the game will be good even if it's more action/arcade game. I just hope they keep in with supporting the mod community.
  3. This might be a long post so please forgive me I will also try to post picture examples. I'll try to keep them small though. Here is a very simple and easy filter you can use in Photoshop and most likely Paint shop Pro to make camo. However, I am using Photoshop so I don't know the filter names with PSP as I've never used it. As Ruin mentioned the VDL camo plugin is very easy. I do recomend it for basic camo. This may not work well with pure black or dark colors. Make a new document and set the pixels to whatever size you'd like. Pick a color. I used an off green color hex code 414D44 Fill the layer with that color Now, go to Filter, Artisic, Sponge. Now you should have 3 options. Brush size, Definition, and Smoothness. If you set all of them to the max (all the way to the right) you should get something that looks like this There you go. Instant Camo!! It's that easy. Experiment with the settings. Brush size is exactly what it sounds like. It's the size of the brush. Definition makes the image clear or blury. Smoothness will smooth out the brush edges. If you'd like to make a really easy cheap Digital Camo. Simply set the brush size to whatever you like. Max out the Definition and set the smoothness to 1. You'll get an image that looks like this. There you go. An quick easy way to make a camo
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