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  1. Goto their website. Goto the store "order". Then click on the picture of the CD. It tells you everything that is in it. Looks like the actual game, some basic units and vehicles.

    The addons are new maps, observer mode(spectate), units + vehicles, After action report(replay).

    The addons are like 50$ and the game is about 150$. There are like 8 addons and then the actual game. I would wait until the US release if your just going to get VBS1 without addons. Thats if you like Multiplayer. I hear there arent really many servers and the one's there are all use the addons.

    With the US release there will likely be more servers. I am looking to put one up myself or partner up with some people.

  2. You mean accidently douse them with gasoline on the store shelves and make for it after throwin zippo lighter in the fray? Im for it.

    We can use convoy ambush tactics learned in GR to suppress the delivery trucks also.

    Or just blow up the manufacturing plant.

    Or mp5/sd the dev team. That would probably be best.

  3. Whatever you all are idiots then.

    Sorry but if you sell 500k copies of a video game you can eat and live for the rest of your life without doing another ###### thing.

    Im happy living in a middle classed home, having money to feed myself into obesity if I wanted and own a car and relish in moderate hobbies.

    They dont care about that and want to soak in millions while owning 5 cars and rake in 1 million + a year each. Whatever I wont contribute to it. I want to see a game developer show love for his/her product and improve on it. If they get rich good for them(Which GR made them). If they dont become the next billionares developing on the PC oh well at least they made a living.

    Screw em.

  4. Im not unemployed. I am self employed. Big difference. And I laugh at Money or even having to work every day. You are confirming to an imperfect society. Your feeding the chaaotic universe that knows no different from right or wrong unless you tell it.

    ###### we should do what we have to do (raising food) and the rest should be fun.

  5. You guys are chumps waiting for GR2.

    And amen to whoever said theyw ould enevr buy any mor Redstorm products. Been saying that for the last year or two. I wont break that either. Unless like GR2 will be better then [OFP: DR] and thats laughable. I have respect for Redstorms talents but not for them as people. They have no love for their product. They do it to make a living.

    Which is sad because if I was the creator of GHost Recon I would of stuck with it and constantly improved on it as much I could. They look at is as making money and ###### if I care. Which is evident on why they released 2 expansion packs (DS and IT) and then Xbox blew up. So now they said screw PC and they develop on the Xbox.

    The PC game is what put them on the map. Theres no love for the product. ###### em. Theyll live without my meager software purchase copy for GR2.

  6. Heh thatll be tough to do. I know for me I dont find myself playing GR much anymore. It just ran out of mojo. I played it for years for 6-10+ hours a day every day. Laddered everyday etc.

    Maybe my standards are high on what GR2 should be. I just dont really like Ubisoft. I would rather to see Redstorm produce their own games independantly. I just think it looks like a slightly prettier ghost recon 1.

    Hardly what I expect or am looking for. Honestly I think I have evolved out of Ghost Recon. I want Operation Flashpoint maps. I want realism. More realism. Missiles. Vehicles. Tanks. Mines. Big machine guns. Rigging up 15 claymores. Destructable terrain. Building that you can go in. Infrared.

    GR advertised itself as a realistic first person shooter. We soon found out it was just an arcade game. It was more realistic then most but far from perfect. Now we are seeing an even dumbed down arcade game with nice graphics and not much difference funcitonality wise from GR1.

    Which is why I will use VBS1. I will play Operation Flashpoint. And I will wait for [OFP: DR]. I never played Operation Flashpoint before I was loyal to GR. I think I have seen the light. Wont buy another game from Ubisoft or Redstorm unless they offer something better.

    Im spoiled I guess.

  7. I want to see bigger maps. Maybe 1 or 2 square miles.

    I want to see vehicles. But also an option to turn them off just like in GR we had an option screen where we can configure game type etc.

    Also maybe some helicopter insertions.

    Stinger missiles.



    PLaceable Machine Guns.

    Destructable terrain.

    And buildings that are actual buildings and you can enter. Not just 1 out of 10000 are real.

  8. GR2 looks weak.

    I mean GR is 4 years old and GR2 doesnt offer anything new really and even takes alot of stuff away.

    It looks like Redstorm gave up on us PC players (The ones that made them so popular) and are now developing games for the Xbox. GR2 to me looks like it was conceived for the Xbox. WE are just going to get a PC version of it.

    I probably have played a game with anyone who has ever played GR multiplayer before. I played GR for 3 years competitively. I been around. I think GR2 is weak.

    GR1 forever.

  9. Im not all excited about Ghost Recon 2. I played GR1 for 3 years of my life. I played on every competitive ladder their was. I have dozens and dozens of friends I still talk to thanks to Ghost Recon. GR2 to me looks like a dissapointment. What was fun about GR1 was commanding your team, making scripted missions, and multiplayer.

    GR2 looks to take away the 3 team insertions we are used to in GR1. What are they putting back in to replace that? Nothing as far as I can tell except some nicer more cpu intensive graphics. Nothing looks new in the engine or game mechanics except the absence of some stuff that made gr1 good. Maybe I am missing something?

    Why arent there huge maps(Operation Flashpoint style). Why arent there driveable vehicles. Why arent there mortars and laser guided short range rockets. Why is there no focus on realistic ballistics? Will there even be an OICW with grenade launcher? Are there palns to support more players in multiplayer? Will we have more game types for multiplayer and coop?

    Will we have smoke grenades and mines?

    Placeable machine guns?

    I hope the same level of detail in terrain and effective camoflauge and cover we had in gr1. No more peak glitches where I can shoot everyone through walls. Better cheat detection so UBI isnt a cheat fest.

    I see none of this promised but I havent actually read the GR2 forums it seems like spam fest from people I never even heard of before or who probably bought the game off the bargain bin after 3 years of it being released. I see nothing new except something about better AI? Thats good but I expect all of the above as well. Its been 4 years since GR came out, what have they been doing? I could of made a mod for gr1 in that time myself that offers more then gr2.

    Of course im GR fan forever and I will definatly check out gr2. But GR was redstorms most succesfull game. Now that they made their money they forget about us and start to develop on Xbox and forgetting about PC that made them so popular. PFF.

    Doesnt look good for me and GR2.



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