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  1. Oh ######, you had me crying there, I was laughing so hard
  2. Just finshed Exectuive Orders last week, and since I didn't have Rainbow 6 I started to re-read Red Storm Rising. Damn good book, one of my favourites. Sorry if it's been asked before, but does anybody read George R.R. Martin? (Mainly ASOIAF) another of my favs.
  3. how many times have I done that..... too many. All unintentional too.
  4. Hey, who heard about this from Computer Gaming World? (where I heard it from) Anyways, is there two different history channels for the U.S. and Canada? 'Cause I haven't seen it yet, and I have the history channel, but I'm in Canada....
  5. Damn, you beat me to it Mike, I wanted to blast sniper for forgetting SUM 41! Ah well, Sum 41, Nickelback, OLP, The Trews..... I think that's it.
  6. Meh, if I ever get around to upgrading or buying a new computer, it'll probably be MOHAA w/expansions, and if there's going to be a new Age of Empires ( ) that's a deffinite.... or if I ever get back my copy of the The Conquerors.
  7. IMO, they should be put in, but with moderation. Yeah, make them destructable/damagable (is that a real word?) but have them repairable too, only to a certian extent. Also, think of this: if the games only have a certian spawn limit, say one, and a few of them are in a helo and it gets shot down, that's a few less guys to worry about. (As long as there's AA weapons available). Or, you could have the option to have helos/ground vehicles to be included or not in a match. A numerical and/or time limit on air strikes wouldn't be a bad idea either.
  8. I hadn't heard of that before.... damn, that sucks. That was one of the nice touches to the game, you could actually see what the A.I. could see. Hey, maybe they could put in a shoulder-cam on the A.I. that you could see somehow in-play, but limit control of them? At least put that in....
  9. I'd say it's a toss-up between the M4 SOCOM and the OICW/GL.
  10. aww ###### thats hillarious.....
  11. I've had my share of lagg... ugh, i was playing the Embassy and ran into one of the alleys. halfway through, a guy pops up from behind a corner, so i switch to full auto on my OICW and halfway through the clip: LAGG. So i held in the trigger the whole time during the lagg, and for 1 second it unlagged and i saw that he was beside me, so i though "what the hell....?". finally it unlagged and i heard a BAM and i was dead. the conversation after was something like this: me: WHAT HAPPENED?!!? other guy: dude, you suck other guy: i killed you with a sniper rifle, and you had an auto me: ................ me: (bleep) LAGG!!!! boy, was i not happy.....
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