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  1. Don't know anything about the medusa's but i own the turtle beach hpa 5.1 and they suck donkey balls. the padding for your ears is super thin and easily slips off. the mic jack becomes loose and the mic swings around if you move your head. the sound quality is sub par for a $20 headset. not a good buy.
  2. Hey Z... Are those Shures? I was able to get some of those on eBay for about $50 off the normal price. Very good sound though bass blows. AJ You must have gotten the sure e2's or e3's. the shure e5's are what you want for bass sound. I have ultimate ears. superfi 5 pro. dual driver (mid-high and bass drivers) and sound amazing. http://www.ultimateears.com/superfi/superfi-5-Pro-white.htm
  3. proper admin functions would include admin allow players to vote kick admin allow players to vote map change admin allow players to vote next map
  4. *gasp* proper server admin controls would eliminate this. you know like every other modern mainstream game.
  5. off topic sry but dang postal 1.4megs for a sig....
  6. I was able to call in the apache on the TDM and HH maps and anahilate the other team.
  7. yeah it's a 1.0 hack by frito. frito is a well known hack maker for gr1. nothing new to see here.
  8. in the future soldiers will be hopped up on crack and unable to sit still. well at least one per squad. this will keep things interesting. look for the crack soldier to be the same as the player that will need a psychic evaluation for massive tk's explained earlier.
  9. I did that this morning. I had to mediate a squabble between two tenants who rent commercial property from me. The argument was over the use of a hose bib. Seriously................ I think I like the forums better than RL. Evict them for being stupid.
  10. Yes, both eyes open. Right eye on the scope, left eye watching the wind flags, waiting for the condition. BTW, watching wind flags in Kansas is an experence. I poited this out before GRAW went demo an got BBQ'd for it but the way they have the aiming set up is a right hand shooter aiming with his left eye, you rend to look cross aim-line unless you hit the zoom key, which then wipes out your perifieral (sp?) vision. At 200 meters does the wind flags really matter? With most rifles no, not even with something as small as a 22. (for killing at least... for target it would to keep you in the bullseye centered. As far as hitting the target no. As far as hitting a vital area (say a heart for example) yes. At 5 mph full crosswind a 7.62 bullet will move 1.5 inches left or right at a distance of 200 yards of course if you're shooting in oklahoma or kansas you'll commonly see 20-30mph winds causing a movement of 6-9 inches at 200 yards.
  11. years of broken promises (gr2) got rid of any paitence that was left.
  12. actually it was 35 max as the server took a spot but that's moot. [GR] was new, cutting edge, different from the mainstream games. GRAW is cutting edge (HDR/AGEIA) but it's gameplay is lacking (and feels clunky and more mainstream) to put it nicely. Yes I have played limited spawns, I've matched in GRAW. It doesn't feel like [GR]. Domination makes you worry about taking zones rather than looking for the enemy.
  13. Fraps? what do you want to benchmark? expound on your question
  15. I would have to dig around but I have a replay of an aimbot. It's pretty funny actually. dude is firing at a guy near him on swamps, toggles the aimbot on and it locks onto a guy behind him way out of sight and hits him right square in the head twice then it targets the original guy and hits him in the head. the OP sounds like someone modified their xml for bullet caliber etc or it's just a glitch where the server didn't tell the OP that the guy changed guns and it looks like one but sounds like another or something.
  16. The Geneva Convention (and what I consider common sense) indicate that the intention of combat should be to wound, not kill. This serves two purposes; the minimizing of fatality, and the removal of more troops from the field of combat. A dead soldier doesn't need a medic and two buddies to carry off out of the field. A wounded one does. One good hit with a non-mushrooming round, and you've created an injury that will require more than the injured person's attention. Same hit with a hollowpoint, and you've created enemy fertilizer. One down, many more to go. At least, that's the principle behind it. Victory through attrition, not death. If this is true then it should be against the genevia convention for our soldiers to drop bombs onto the bad guys standing around. (as seen in multiple videos on the internet) But we aren't being sought out to be tried for war crimes. Vietnam, dropping napalm and firing flame throwers in tunnels should be against the genevia convention. napalm munitions are not going to wound they will kill. again we aren't being sought out for war crimes. We can have all these rules but we all know when that first bullett goes flying over your head you won't think about wounding the person shooting at you. You'll think about killing them. If you are face to face with a bad guy you won't think about just wounding him you'll pump round after round into their chest until they are not moving. If you come fist to fist your not going to knock the guy out and walk away, you'll slit his throat. I believe the genevia convention has some solid rules to follow as far as prisoner care, torture and such (something this administration is ignoring but that's another issue) but when it comes down to war you are going to do what is needed to stay alive and kill the opposition.
  17. That's the one thing I don't understand. Well I understand about the phosphorus shells being overkill but the point of war is to kill, wound, or incapacitate the enemy into giving up. Why hollowpoints are considered bad and fmj are considered good i don't get. i mean they are both designed to kill. And it would make a difference for expansion. If the round expands and does not leave the body then ALL the energy the round had went into the person. If they were using the AP rounds it's very likely that the round went through the person and imparted little energy to the person. that's to say that a shot to a vital organ is the only thing that is going to stop that person when using AP rounds. And I don't think that local police are bound by the genevia convention because I know for a fact that my local police use the varment .223 rounds in their AR-15s (plastic tip inserted into a hollowpoint to force expansion)
  18. 5minnorespnosensor!!11!! I agree. the only way you can get past spawn raping is to have no respawns. Spawn camping is lame but spawn raping is accepted. if they aren't going to move out and/or defend their zones you should bring the fight to them. If anyone wants to see spawncamping i've got a replay of roco and some AFZ guys laying down at spawn and getting worked by me (sorry roco i just had to do it :D ) LOL i have a replay of you also sitting in night docks in the house with your mm1... camping for the win as we tried to charge you out... after you said you hated campers Ah memories of GR1 matches! VIIPer... You guys also play with limited respawns every time i have been there (in fact in the scrimmage... no spawns which rocked!) That was after that new rule of kill em all. but yeah i hid in the building and then killed you guys off one by one and got the win. only difference is that our whole team didn't lay down at the spawn
  19. was he using the AP (steel tip) rounds instead of the hollow point/sporting rounds (ones with the plastic tip to make them expand on impact) ?
  20. 5minnorespnosensor!!11!! I agree. the only way you can get past spawn raping is to have no respawns. Spawn camping is lame but spawn raping is accepted. if they aren't going to move out and/or defend their zones you should bring the fight to them. If anyone wants to see spawncamping i've got a replay of roco and some AFZ guys laying down at spawn and getting worked by me (sorry roco i just had to do it :D )
  21. I was actually making my judgement based on actually firing the gun. Also I'm thinking more about when we enter a war with a real army. ie. china, north korea. I will agree the 5.7 would be overkill on people not using body armor as it would exit them causing minimal damage. That's why I chose the p2000 over the fn 5.7 for my conceal carry weapon.
  22. why would you say that. 15+1 rounds and kevlar penetrating. why not?
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