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  1. I guess you are missing my point about this house concept being invalid. if you read the box there are features presented that are not available in game. Had we been able to try out the game before buying it (like you can walk through a house before buying it) we could possibly had made a different decision. Laziness is no excuse for false advertisement.
  2. we could get an expansion that is like a prequil to gr3. namely the gr2 storyline.
  3. Have you any idea how many copies have been sold. I think you need to check , its paid for itself and then some. Patches and add ons normally relate to how well a game has sold. Do the maths, 1.10 .1.16. 1.20 .121 and more to come. This game has sold over and above 570.000 copies on both formats. And yes its still selling. The patches are bringing the game from a beta to a final product. The patches should have been in the retail release. also what are the figures for the PC sales? I would like to know that but have been unable to find it.
  4. BS this is clearly what they are referring to for a cross com image. also in the 360 version you can shoot around a corner and over a wall without sticking your head around the corner. This is clearly what they were meaning. (see prince)
  5. from the inside cover of the box "1. Recieve images in real time from squadmates, helicopters, and remote-operated drones for unprecedented awareness of the battlefield...3. Blow through walls, finish off tanks and shoot around corners with weaponry..." we do not get images we get wireframes we cannot "blow" yes we can shoot through walls but using a greande to "blow" through a wall does not happen we cannot use a weapon to shoot around the corner we must present our body to enemy fire to shoot around a corner.
  6. I swear you guys get so worked up over nothing.
  7. 1. Yes, we do, in the form of a full image screen. (I do agree that it shouldn't be a wireframe though) 2. Where's 2? 3. Blowing thru walls = wooden fences and concrete with the sniper rifle (says nothing of explosives, just blowing), finish off tanks with with the Zeus, don't know about the shooting around corners with... part since I never heard of that for GRAW, and yes there are dedicated servers (just not STAND ALONE DEDICATED SERVER FILES). Gotta love marketing.... Those are the numbers off the inside cover of the box not my points. If you had read your box you would see that there are false statements. a fence is not a wall.
  8. bad analogy here's why when buying a home you get to inspect the final product before you buy it. many features in graw (that are on the box) are still not present. "1. Recieve images in realtime from squadmates, helicopters, and remote-operated drones" we see a wireframe not an image "3. blow through walls, finish off tanks, and shoot around corners with..." need i say more "Battle on dedicated servers in the explosive new 32-player..." hmmm dedi servers if you have your house built you get to specify the floorplan, find your own contractor, and have it built to your liking. with ubi/graw/grin we get none of those. i don't get to say this is how i want graw and i want x to write it.
  9. You guys are grasping at straws for this ret color change issue. Changing the ret color gives you absolutely no tactile advantage. You can argue the muzzel flash deal but it's just not true. You can still see the ret through the muzzle flash. Changing your cammo color to transparent (like someone suggested) does give you a tactile advantage. Bottom line is you are not changing anything that makes it easier for you to spot enemies and/or makes you harder to spot by enemies. FSNV makes it easier for you to spot enemies, names makes it easier for you to spot enemies, acid skins makes it easier for you to spot enemies, changing your ret color does nothing to help you spot enemies.
  10. As i said then... remove the ret entirely. btw i am colorblind to certain colors. Green and Gold in GR1 i always got mixed up (team colors) because they were bright and looked similar to me. I would love no ret but then the community would be even smaller. No ret/no firing till you bring up your weapon would be great trained soldiers don't shoot from the hip.
  11. holy crap terrible terrible gun safety. please box them up and pm me for shipping address.
  12. ret color change has always been allowed on TCZ. the standard color doesn't stand out very well. I have always used white and made it turn red on friendlies (when IFF was enbled). ret color and fsnv are not comparable. You aren't making something visible that was not originally. Everyone sees things a bit different and some colors stand out better for people. why punish someone that is colorblind to certain colors?
  13. I haen't played much 1.21 but it doesn't seem to be any different. I think that they have made poor use/handicaped sli. I've tried the different settings, render half frame, render every other one frame, render 0,1,2,3 ahead and have no difference. I can run fear/doom3/hl2 with everything maxed and be solid 60 fps and never drop even with AA and AF on (run with vsync on because of tearing with my lcd). I may try disabling one of the vid cards/taking sli off and trying it out and see what happens. I've never played a game where so much tweaking is involved outside of what's available in the game menues to make it run good.
  14. Ha I didn't even catch that. even though what is being compared is probably equivalent in price it's still missleading.
  15. where the quadsli starts to shine is at massive resolutions (think 30in dell monitor 2560x1600) and their new 32xAA 16xAF. Under that you are processor limited on what it can physically send to the video cards.
  16. I'm glad i'm not the only one getting upset at that Magazine Clip notice that the magazine fully encloses the round from all sides like a notebook would surround paper to hold it. A clip just holds the rounds together like a paper clip holds together paper loosley.
  17. 5min no resp no sensors iff ret!!!11! oh wait wrong game.
  18. Get a new system. Get a high-end videocard. I'm currently running this thing at 1680x1050(widescreen) with high textures and VERY high framerates, and it's absolutely beautiful -- the trees, the ground, the walls, the sky, everything. The game LOOKS great, not that I care one bit that it's pretty, though, because I'm not pausing in the middle of TDM to gaze at the trees and write poetry. The trees are a non-issue. The teddy-bear guns I'd like to see fixed in a patch. specs? what do you consider 'very high' 30,40,50,60? i'm running amd 4000+ 939 2 gig ocz ram 2 7800GT sli x-fi and i struggle to stay above 30 with everything on medium at 1280x1024. sure i get a solid 60 when i'm just standing around with nothing going on but that's not indicitive of the game. what do you get in firefights?
  19. Hey Z... Are those Shures? I was able to get some of those on eBay for about $50 off the normal price. Very good sound though bass blows. AJ You must have gotten the sure e2's or e3's. the shure e5's are what you want for bass sound. I have ultimate ears. superfi 5 pro. dual driver (mid-high and bass drivers) and sound amazing. http://www.ultimateears.com/superfi/superfi-5-Pro-white.htm Nope. The Shure E4C's. They are so good that I am thinking of re-digitzing all my music as FLAC instead of MP3. But I'll check out what you have. Prolly cost less than the E5C's. Yeah the e4c's are going to be the same problem. it's one speaker/driver trying to produce all the sound. you really need a dual driver monitor to get a good clean bass sound. so you should look at the shure e5's or the ultimate ears super.fi 5 pro. Both have 1 driver for mid/high and 1 driver for the lows resulting in a much cleaner sound. the UE's are about 100-150 less though and to me sound just as good.
  20. the physics are far from detailed. no flight time, no bullet drop.
  21. Don't know anything about the medusa's but i own the turtle beach hpa 5.1 and they suck donkey balls. the padding for your ears is super thin and easily slips off. the mic jack becomes loose and the mic swings around if you move your head. the sound quality is sub par for a $20 headset. not a good buy. Not sure we are talking about the same ones zulater. A friend of mine has them and loves them. LOOK HERE, these are the same ones?? The ear pads don't look thin to me and they are 99.95 here, far from 20 dollars. You can get them cheaper though, I have found them for as low as 69.00. No they are the same ones. I got them off newegg. I was saying that if they did cost 20 bucks the quality of the sound they put out would still be sub par. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16836502004 The padding looks ok but if you look at it it sticks out almost .5 in. once on your head they compress and your ears are now being pushed in by the speaker cover. very uncomfortable after 15-20 mins. oh one other thing. they are open back headphones so you get lots of ambient sound and anyone around you hears what you are listening to.
  22. it's a known issue with the anticheat program since it has come out.
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