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  1. replays with [GR] made banning retlockers/speedhackers very very easy and a global ban would not have been an issue because anyone could look at the replay and say yeah that's a hack. names was harder to spot but it was still pretty evident at times. graw has no replays so proof of a hack is much harder to come by. screenshots are the only way to catch a cheater (glitcher).
  2. 7.5 inches. Oops, wrong forums. that's how far you can deep throat before you choke. i don't know if that is good or bad but it's definately way too much information.
  3. It's unrealistic to have your aim rock steady no matter what position you are in. the point is you shouldn't be able to get the drop on someone by running around then stopping just to fire then run some more. crouch and peak a corner and get the guy. I'm not saying allow total free movement while laying down. somewhere between [GR] and rvs movability while prone.
  4. that's what i've said. if you are standing with your scope up you should not be rock steady. It should waver a bit so that you have to continue to fight with your mouse to keep aimed on a spot. crouched it should be easier, and prone it should almost stay where you want it.
  5. but you do get what i'm saying? is it hard to see in the shadows for you as well? it would be if i kept my post effects on... heh i was about to ask that. seems a good enough reason to turn it off for me. Seems like something that shouldn't be able to be turned off to me If it were implemented better I would agree.
  6. ? redsquare mp took place all in the square to the south. only campors like AP ran through the tunnel. oh and that's just a screenie i pulled from the ghostrecon.net walkthrough but yeah i didn't use the ones with the spawns because it was easy to remember and it cluttered up the screen. graw won't need it because there are only 2 spawns anways.
  7. but you do get what i'm saying? is it hard to see in the shadows for you as well? it would be if i kept my post effects on... heh i was about to ask that. seems a good enough reason to turn it off for me.
  8. I'll just copy my post from the other thread...
  9. but you do get what i'm saying? is it hard to see in the shadows for you as well?
  10. When you use ironsights or scope there is no reticule, What do you mean? RVS did this, as did [GR] sniper rifles or anything that brought up a scope.
  11. most people don't remember them and some of the zones were huge encompassing the entire length of a side of a map at times.
  12. Could GRAW be tweaked where there isn't such a difference in ablility to see when looking into a shadow as opposed to looking out from a shadow. what I mean is that is if you are in the light looking under an overhang of a building you can't make out anything. then when sitting in the shadow you can see everything crystal clear. What I would like to see is something more realistic. When I come home after work and go to drive into my garage the sun is right over my roof shining in my eyes. However, I can still see into my garage and make out my tool box, shelves, what's on my shelves etc. It's not like in the graw where I can't see anything. Point is it's way to easy for campers to hide in the shadows and pick off people even if you just round a corner and are fairly close to the person. Either this or make it washed out whiteness when looking at the light from the shadow so there isn't such an advantage to being in the shadow. My best guess is that HDR does not take into consideratiion the reflective nature of everything. Such that the only light is direct light until you are in the shadow then it compensates somehow. maybe i have a setting turned up/off/down that's making it harder to see into the shadows. let me know if you dont have this problem. this picture gives a decent representation for what i mean. the marked (3) soldier is almost to the shadow. once inside he would not be visible. notice you cannot see what's in the shadow either. http://filebox.vt.edu/users/maeast/020%20a...0and%20such.JPG
  13. I agree. While you can manage by quadrants (NW corner of the SE quad) grids would be much easier to call out (A1, B8, BINGO!). All the buildings look similar and since there are so many nooks to hide in it makes it difficult to communicate where people are.
  14. camper! ok, that doesnt even deserve a lol or a smiley.sorry. hehe. Don't quit your day job to become a comedian
  15. I've always been upset when you use your iron sight/scope/red dot and still have retbloom. I'm sorry but your shot just doesn't deviate that much when using the sights. I like that they have setup where when you zoom the round goes in the same place every time (variation of moa would be nice) but I strongly feel that the sight should drift quite a bit depending on your stance. Standing up the sight should sway quite a bit and make it difficult to keep your aim on target at a distance. crouched should be slightly less and laying down should be minimal. This is similar to a retbloom but if you are lined up with your iron sight/red dot/scope the round should go wherever you have the dot/crosshair pointed when you fire.
  16. it's the artists. they can make more money designing a different color for each cd label instead of just one dvd label.
  17. Don't pretend not to have killed yourself! don't live long enough to have the chance.
  18. Like I've said before, everyone that kills me is hacking, which means everyone but me is hacking.
  19. I would say that I am suprised that the psg1 was not included as that has been the standard for sniper rifles much like the mp5 for subguns.
  20. Zulater the comedian, helpful as ever. p.s. joke zul' I find your lack of humor....disturbing.
  21. the 1031 port is a little strange too because you run the default port.
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