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  1. lol i hope they will have more than "14 months" to develop it.
  2. just do the range training mission from original rainbow 6 setup an area with targets to shoot at at different distances then you could have another area where you could have some cqb fights and maybe another area that is more open?
  3. ewwwww why would you want to aim with a controller? you get so much more quickness and precision with a mouse.
  4. here's mine hold the win key and hit r type cmd type format C:\
  5. que $35 expansion pack to get us to a normal amount of maps for each gametype. I'll say if they fix the bugs they really are trying but with so few maps it'll get old quick
  6. BS. If it were "Hand Picked" I would not be a part of it. I bet it was a first come first serve and you were too lazy to sign up the first day. And there are plenty of critical remarks from the people that liked the game in the first place. Please pull your head out and think before you speak. People that like the game still want it to be better not worse. They have no fear of saying x doesn't work do it this way.
  7. posting here is better anyways. the forums there don't seem to have any grin people in them.
  8. is there anywhere else to get the beta patch file. it's not on the ftp. desert siege is on the ftp though. go figure.
  9. actually that is misleading. they should print the "minimum" and the "recommended" like all other game manufacturers. recommended 1gb is not the same as minimum 1 gb mine does say under "system requirements" 1024 so on my box at least they are covered for minimum 1024
  10. Look for a program called voice overlay... it works for me. you misunderstood my question. when you guys crashed were you all on teamspeak at the same time or did you get a crash while not using a voice program?
  11. any of you guys on teamspeak at the same time? I know graw dowsn't like the teamspeak overlay program maybe it doesn't like teamspeak as well?
  12. drink a few margaritas and you won't notice a thing.
  13. you guys haven't been contacted yet? I guess you weren't picked. psyche!
  14. they could get different domain names and point them to this server but an official name change probably won't happen.
  15. off gives real colors to the game not different shades of orange. They need to fix the hdr or turn it off.
  16. yeah people that can barely run the game would be not able to run the game.
  17. it would be cool if you could program it to show who's alive on the screen. that way you wouldn't have to keep hitting tab all the time.
  18. no the rvs planner was different. it showed an overview of a map and you could draw on it much like madden draws on the tv for football.
  19. think of it as what RvS had only out of game (rvs planner was excellent and was done IN GAME right before each drop hit f4 i believe).
  20. if you have the mod installed and the server does not you will get kicked.
  21. downloaded it thinking it was the AnTi-Cheat when it first came out.
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