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  1. It also was GR1 Zulater.... and we can still see how long that lasted ← with GR1 basically any onboard video card would run it. so the rackmount servers were ok but not with GRAW. Again I bring up Lockdown....
  2. Dedicated servers must be able to play the game as it stands. that means rackmount servers are out of the question. So unless server companies are going to spend 2000 bucks on upper midlevel computers to play this game i don't think we will see many servers with decent bandwidth. The 'dedicated' server utility is Lockdown all over again and we know how long that lasted.
  3. walk into a gun shop and say that... a 'clip' is like a paperclip. it will loosley bind together the cartridges like a paperclip loosley binds together pages of paper (see 1st pic) a 'magazine' will fully enclose a cartridge much like a folder will fully enclose a page of paper. (see 2nd pic) a folder is not the same as a paperclip just like a clip is not the same as a magazine. still need replays.
  4. if i hear someone else call it a 'clip' i think i'm gonna kill myself. It's a magazine. COD had a weapon that used a clip. CLIP: MAGAZINE: on topic. Can we have replays so we can have a chance of making this game last? pretty please with a cherry on top!
  5. Gameplay quirks: Multiplayer chat box need to be removed. Takes up too much space and when people aren't chatting it doesn't need to be there. Do it more like everyone else where it's in the top left corner and goes away after 5-7seconds If I have to see that intro chopper rice when playing COOP online with the full version i'm going to kill someone. Just make the online/lan play start on the ground. I don't wanna have to wait 2 minutes everytime Multiplayer server is bulky/redundant. Needs to be more like the old GR. No need to join a server, say ready, load the game, choose weapon, say ready, load map. I hope this is changed in the full version. if not it needs to be addressed. Recoil feels wrong with some weapons. Switching weapons is a pain. Reloading you shold not throw away your old mag. if you reload with a half a mag you lose that ammo. a soldier will not throw away his mag espically if it has ammo in it. I was unable to select extra ammo when taking the sniper rifle. I also got some artifacts when switching views from player to player when i was dead and looking through their cross com. I had a lot of texture clipping on the player models.
  6. I just bought new hardware a month ago.... I can run FEAR with everything maxed on 1600x1200 with the uber shadows and it's fine. It's not my system.
  7. if you mean you feel drunk trying to aim yes.
  8. System: AMD 3500+ 2Gig OCZ Platinum 3500 2 7800GT sli Gameplay: recoil is impossibly bad. These are trained soldiers, I can shoot a fully automatic weapon and not jump up to a 45 degree angle. The recoil is also detached from when i fire the weapon. like i fire, slight pause, then recoil. like UT said. laying down you can't look up high enough. Feels like you are drunk when you move. as in the controls are clunky and lag behind. The lean while scoped (aimpoint) is bad. you don't rotate the gun from your head you lean with the gun. The game honestly feels like the lockdown demo at a slightly slower pace. Graphics. Had all settings on high 1024x768. was fairly choppy but playable. No option for 1600x1200? even if i can't play it i wanna see it to compare my screenshots with ubisofts rendered images. graphics are decent but nothing special. spotting enemies is a little difficult which i do like because that means cammo works Menu: probably too late to change it but I should never have to double click in a game. make drop down boxes or something. Overall: Feels like it could be tacticle but needs refinement. hopefully we got an early version of the game. Big minus not having ADVERSARIAL MULTIPLAYER in the demo or even COOP over the INTERNET.
  9. I have some constructive criticism. How are we to test the multiplayer part over the internet which is why most of us will buy the game when we can only play over a lan or by ourselves? Will we see a multiplayer demo before the release of the full game?
  10. suppressive fire will never work in online games because people aren't scared of dying.
  11. Looks just like UT2K3. If you can draw a line to the point from your home base you can proceed. if not you must recapture those now lost points. so that in the screenshot you could proceed to either A or I. The enemy could disrupt G but you could still be connected to your home base through J,M,H,C.
  12. It's nice to get a comple explanation but "free online add on" and "trust us" just doesn't really sit well with me at least. trust was lost with gr2 and destroyed with lockdown. i know grin didn't deal with lockdown but where ubi is there's a way. it's now "show me" and i'll believe it. How soon will the free online add on be out?
  13. What are we getting along the lines of a dedicated server? Are we going to see Letdown again with no dedicated server support? Linux? Are we going to have to have a solid vid card like old GR1? Just wondering since we aren't getting the gametypes that we had been looking for.
  14. I realize that. Which is why I explained again what I meant. Ya'll know I'm far from perfect. ← You are much removed from perfect but I like your style. You're consistant and one always knows where you stand. Apart from being butt ugly you aren't too bad of a guy. Back on topic. I like how we were promised a 'tactile' shooter but got a run and gun respawn game.
  15. ha! i didn't play the single player missions for GR until last year. I bought it and fired up the MP. And the servers I played on were 5min no resp no sensors so even if you died you were out 3-4 min if the games went over 2 minutes. This domination still sounds like a rip from UT2K3. Take points over in order...
  16. I have to ask, please don't flame. Is domination even new? Isn't it just UT2k3's gametype (which would be 3 years old). You have to control certain points to get to the next one then get in the enemies base and destroy their 'core'.
  17. UBI still holds the pursestrings and Lockdown is still waiting for a patch. We've been down this road before. Or doesn't anyone remember Island Thunder? ← But see Domination with no respawns would make the camping teams get up and move because if you don't hold the majority of the points you will lose. So it may be a blessing in disguise to us ###### rushers
  18. LMS and TDM are to be included in a patch. In the meantime you will have to play Domination with no respawns to get your LMS fix.
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