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  1. Did you do the artwork for RBI Baseball for the original nintendo?
  2. lol beretta made a deal with ubi lol. i have a cx4 storm and it's nice but this is too funny.
  3. that's over 37 days of playing straight. that's sad. that's almost wow addiction numbers
  4. original gr and expansions why? 1)replays 2)replays 3)replays 4)replays 5)replays
  5. Group Hug! pinches tigre's butt. mmmmm
  6. It is difficult to match at times. we had no issues in our last couple matches but early on it was very very frustrating (know we dropped a match with AOD because their hacks kept bogging down the server i mean gamespy issues yeah that's it) <3
  7. so what woud you say, ya do here? I would also do nothing. I have a fulltime job as a seismic data processor and want to spend my free time doing something enjoyable like playing a finished videogame or shooting guns or wood/metal working.
  8. what processor/amount of ram comes with the graw package? is it a dedicated box or a shared box (as in multiple instances of graw server)?
  9. I actually don't remember the last time I lost my temper. Well since maybe 5th grade anyways. It's just funny to me that people make these big stinks about leaving but always check in to see what is said and never leave. Just making observations, take them for what they are. Oh and incase you people missed it here it is again.
  10. Don't you have anything better to do then try to light this fight back off ? active again yesterday at 11:27 PM
  11. ToW-Angel Last Active Today, 07:26 PM I thought you weren't coming back.?
  12. incase you missed it. no reason for you to complain about x poster just ignore them.
  13. FYI If you do not want to read someone's posts you can put them on ignore. it's not that hard and there is no need to get your panties in a wad over someone's opinion. sheesh. Mod Edit: Please don't use overly large font again... 7 is rather large. Thanks, Ruin
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