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  1. Hi, Can someone tell me if your copy of MOH - AA has rear channel support for Audigy 2? Mine doesn't seem to work. I recently installed the Audigy 2 card and set it up for a 4.1 setup. The rear channel works with GR and Splinter Cell. But when I play MOH - AA I get no sound at all. In the configuration screen of MOH I see "surround" and "quad" options. Selecting either does not work. My rear channel works properly with other games I have except this one. Any ideas? Thank you.
  2. Hi, Anyone have any issues recently with random dropouts or fading with their soundcards? Mine started about a month ago. I first noticed it when I was listening to iTunes. Then it spread to pretty much any game I was playing. The sound drops off for a few seconds and comes back. This repeats again after a few minutes. Sometimes it is few in between and other times more often. P4 2.8 HT R9500 pro - cata 4.3 Audigy Gamer The Soundblaster website basically points to the bios or pci slot position, but I didn't have this issue before. - I have re-installed the S/B drivers from the original cd to the lastest one on the S/B site. - No changes to my hardware configuration. Other changes I have made prior to this issue are as follows: - DX9.0c I also noticed these new things I don't remember before. These are entered in the hidden devices section of nonPnP. - Beep ??? - Starforce Protection Driver ( This I know is installed from a game I have. [ Which ???] ) Any possible chance someone had similar issues? Thank you.
  3. " You fire that thing near my head once more and I'll shove it up your f""king ass!"
  4. Thank you, I'll wait until site is back up and check it out.
  5. Can someone recommend a free online file storage? I want to hold files where I can share things like movie clips and stuff. I have video clips I made that I want to upload. I know about photobucket. They don't allow anything bigger than 1 mb files uploads. I'm thinking anywhere from 10-25 mb uploads. My Yahoo briefcase can hold 100 mb but they don't allow anything bigger than 5 mb I think. I really don't want those 1 month free trial things. Those are a real hassle. I Googled but came up with very little free places. Thank you.
  6. Imagine this... 10,000 GR or serious Tac-Sim fans worldwide contribute $40.00 each to a special trust fund (World Wide Game Cooperative) to make their own game with a purchased game engine. Talent worldwide in a special group with board members and investors. A special liason attached to a forum to garner ideas and such. Of course not eveyone as a direct say to the course of the game but a collective voice or vote. Sigh...how to get started.
  7. $300,000 ? Sweet Jesus. I didn't realize that game engines cost so much. I guess if you think about all the work involved it's justified. I assume because of the limited amount of demand they need to charge top dollar. Five to six average to above average FPS games out a year x $300,000 - $500,000. Hmm...not much of a market. DonMiguel, Regarding your statement that game engines are specific enough to identify, are talking about the looks or actual code content. I was under the impression that once a game is compiled the game code is not used for the final product. Thanks for the info, very intresting stuff in laymans terms. You are extremely knowledgeable. Are you self taught or do you have course training? Thank you.
  8. Thanks for the info. I have several questions. I know that game creators license game engines from developers to save time or because a lack of engine coding experience but do they really save money? Don't say that time is money because I'm talking about part-time on the side thing. Anyone know approximate cost of a first rate engine? Like Unreal for example. Also do game developers release the source code on old game engines if they don't plan to do anything with the old engine. Like GR for example. I also read from somewhere that you can get open source game engines and physics. I don't remember where I saw it. My last question....might have been discussed before. Can someone actually make a game based on the stolen Source Engine code? I don't mean a Half Life 2 game but one with your own models and stuff. I'm assuming that the coding for AI and stuff is there. If they do, can Valve actually identify the coding as their own if the "bad guys" change some stuff. Programmers might laugh at my simplistic views but please remember that I ask these questions from a basic public knowledge standpoint. I'm just curious that's all. Thank you.
  9. Hello, After seeing all of this modding going on in the GR community, I was wondering how difficult it would be to create your own PC FPS game. Not that I am planning to do nor do I have any experience at all in 3D models or programming so my questions or comments might seem ignorant or simplistic. In the GR modding community there are just incredible individuals in terms of talent and skill. People with self-taught or course educated skills. Guys that can create incredible models, script awesome events, great sounds and so forth. These guys have done more to GR than the developers in some ways. Remember that many feature were first implemented by modders although crudely. We can't even begin to think how successful GR might have been without the innovative ways of these dedicated fans. So...what more is required to create a game by fans for fans? Money? Probably. Take LFS. An underground home project by three guys, one programmer, one 3D artist and a sound-musician specialist. Yes, I know that some of these guys have worked for major game studios creating major works but don't they all start the same? The funding is entirely their own. In their spare time. They have created a racing simulation game that is easily on par with the greatest racing sims out there. Yes, graphics are not equal with Race Driver or NFS series but the whole package is awesome work. Remember that these guys have no publisher. Codemasters actually said they have tried LFS and their next racing game (Race Driver 2) with be much more realistic. So what will it take? Can a bunch of guys in their spare time collaborate and do something similiar or is FPS games a much more complex thing?
  10. After reading Rocky's comment on a recent post ... I also begin to wonder what is happening to this genre. Is the recent influx of military tac-sim type of games related to the war in Iraq with it's constant intimate combat footage? Is this the classic "me-too" syndrome so prevalent in the gaming industry? Flooding the market with marginal games until it loses distinction of being a "serious" genre. Or... Is the tac-sim category evolving into a "action game". What exactly is a tac-sim? Should a tac-sim have action? Where do you draw the line on action. If you have fun "shooting" is that considered action? If you laugh and say "Whee!" are you playing a "real" tac-sim? Will the tac-sim market splinter into a neo group? Tac-sim (Real) Tac-sim (Fun) Tac-sim (Lite) Tac-sim (Tac-sim) How can you tell anymore? Now I just confused myself
  11. Thanks for the game. I had great fun even though it got confusing at times.
  12. DooDaa


    Yes I know how you feel and I feel exactly the same way. When the demo came out it was just amazing. I spent more time looking at the scenery than actually playing the mission. But the honeymoon ended when the game came out. Some of the spectacular features that were promised never materialized in the released game. Example, amazing AI that does amazing random things. Yeah right, like a merc behind a crate that keeps popping his head up and down just like a yo-yo or another merc carrying a box back and forth doing the same thing over and over. I never was challenged by an enemy, just overwhelmed. No tactics or surprises. GR's AI by comparison are geniuses. Another thing that was touted was free-flowing non-linear gameplay. Free to complete your mission many ways without the same things happening twice. Mercs and other characters doing things independently in the game world. Yeah right, after every auto-save the same things happens exactly the same way. Monsters, monsters, and monsters.....why? Anyway after the steam level I just lost intrest in the game. The last game I never finished was NOLF 2. I guess the speculation about Fry Cry being nothing more that a big tech demo seems true. Sorry, I really never intended to bash this game, just came out.
  13. Umm...not sure if people know this but you can start a dedicated LAN server and join yourself to the game. You can then play with the various vehicles and weapons.
  14. Thanks, That makes sense. I guess there is really no other way to "officially" test it. I remember when I had DSL with SBC I could run a speed test to my local CO or something like that. But my local cable service provides no such service. I guess speed is subjective. I really can't tell if my cable bandwidth is much faster now than when I had DSL at 784-1500 mbps. If I had just woke up this morning and magically had cable, I wouldn't have known the difference. Thanks again.
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