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    um programing making calculater games ghost recon moding and kik boxing basicly im 15 a freshman and i had way too much free time in honors math and if u read this and u no how to change the intro video i would love to no how its been buging me fer a good 2 days now

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  1. Yes i did a clean install. Ill try the steps you have given me. I have one question i have the gold pack so when i install both expansions it will be at 1.4 or do i still need to patch it.
  2. I havnt been able to play ghost recon on my computer since i installed xp pro. I used to play it all the time on my computer when i had ME on it so i know it meets the system requirements. Has any one else had proplems with ghost recon on xp. I got ghost recon to install but i cant launch the game. I sent the error report to Microsoft and the solution they gave me was reinstall which i have tried about 6 times now. If any one has any info i would appreciate the help. I tried playing ghost recon on my ps2 but it just wasnt the same.
  3. well if u want ur maps in quick mission open them in igor then go to import script import fire fight to each of them you can do that with like recon and defend as well last u save each miss to ur c:program files /redstorm entertainment/ ghost recon/ mods/mission/origimission i think when u save go to browse and look fer it its around there i hope that helps i would give u the exzact file path but i dont have gr on right now im currnetly experiencing tenical dificulties if it doesnt work keep asking youll find people that no mmore then me as fer the 1 dude i dont no i made a character fer soaf but it was differnt i think if u want him on ur team u have to go in igor to the character editer and find the team files and paste him in there but then there is only a chance he will be in ur soldiers list he wont be every time as fer guns i dont no it probly be similer i dont no ps i made a mod called free yay yo it was 50 cent and the g unit with support from there body guards freeing member of the g unit curntly in prision fer wepon charges tony yayayo i mad a 50 cent character and ayoung buck yayo and loyd banks and none of them worked the mission didnt load so i m not the best person to ask y did i post hear
  4. i no i have seen an unlocker on this site look around the download section or google ghost recon unlocker .zip
  5. thanx alot gr modder afz ill try it
  6. um really need to get it fixed and i was hoping that it would spead things up sory
  7. Whas a flame i hear that all the time some please let me no
  8. I have 256 mb of ram i no my pc meets the specs it all worked up untill i put xp pro on. I tried the compatibility thing it didnot work. The error says ghost reco preformed an illegal operation. but i cant remember exzacly. Now the error wont even show up after i click on the short cut the box comes up that says ghost recon the that disapears and im at my desk top. i have gold edition which includes both expansions and patch v1.4 ubi isn helping niether is microsoft im desperate. if u need more info tell me if u have n e ideas ill try them this is a big deal i was almost done with my campaighn i was making
  9. i cant get ghost recon working so i guess this post is poinles
  10. hey n e ideas on how to get gr working iv hered update my drivers but i dont no how
  11. For all of you complainers i tried my best to use punctuation and capitol letters.
  12. im the same way i like single player alot and the only problem with tactical shooters is the ai. But swat 3 close quarter battle has the best ai and makes u really feel like a swat officer if u dont like run and gun gameplay this is ur game super realistic and great controls. Plus it offers mod support although i dont believe it has any whrer near as active a comunity but u might find some cool mods. by the way i got it for 9.99 it is one of those gold editions. Other then that u might like the rainbow six series. DONT BE FOOLED DELTA FORCE MAY LOOK LIKE A TACTICAL SHOOTER BUT ITS NOT . stick with clancy and i have hered flah point was good i bought a copy and it was defective is it worth trying to buy agian.
  13. how do i update my drivers
  14. i cant get gr to work i need help i have xp and i no i meet the sytem requirments iv changed the one thing to like 2000 and 98 i sent the error report to micro they say reinstall it dont help help me n e i deas
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