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  1. Well I don't mind concentrating part of my mental abilities (don't laugh foxtrot!) to the gathering of resources...too often RTS games make that the entire point of the game. Important and underappreciated as logistics personnel is to any war the truth of the matter is military tactics and the strategy that supports it is what gets generals names in the history books. That is why I hope Supreme Commander gives me a taste of that.
  2. Yeah, I've never really got into RTS games because it being mostly about building crap. Crap and hoarding resources. So the more crap you got.........you win. The actual shooting war becomes a formality. I want to be PATTON dammit. I want to use guile and cunning to plan strategy like a real general and win a war that way. I want the logistics (important as it is) to be a formality so I can concentrate on world domination dang nabbit!! And if resources are low n stuff and I'm losing the war I want to be able to come up with some brilliant strategy/plan to get myself out of the mess I
  3. Cool. Maybe I will then............nah. Still too scared.
  4. Nah see...it has to rhyme a bit so instead of alligators on a bicycle...lol funny by the way. Umm...lets see.......snakes on a plane, sharks on a train, so how about...........crocs on a crane!!!!
  5. I'm too scared to overclock. Don't want to ruin some hardware and void the warranty.
  6. I can't wait for the sequel........sharks on a train!!
  7. Ya I heard Ford wanted to make a 4th Indiana Jones movie. Sorry but perhaps he is a bit old for it but then again there is the surprise hit of the movie Rocky Balboa. So who knows.......maybe a 4th movie could work.
  8. I've been testing my setup over the last several days with hl2, fear, and I haven't tested with AA yet. Thats why you haven't seen me online lately by the way. HL2 deathmatch at 2560x1600 is a blast! It runs great with the majority of the eye candy on. It really is a sight to behold. While fear runs fine but with several of the eye candy turned off at 2560x1600 so as to save frame rates. AA only goes up to 1920x1200 but their servers seem to have been down over the Christmas holiday. Testing continues. As for the cookie.....sure. Either oatmeal and raisin or Peanut butter and macad
  9. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!! Safe new year and Blessings to you and your families!! Peace!
  10. I woulda killed it regardless. Better safe than sorry!
  11. Peppard is dead. CC I know....still doesn't matter. Ya can't make the movie without the originals. Who else can do "I love it when a plan comes together!" better than George and the gang?
  12. I suppose. But in any case since I got the eVGA version I plan on using their step up program. Because Nvidia is sure to release a refresh to counter AMD/ATI's R600 launch next month.
  13. Seen it and have been tracking it. The problem is that while it supports a million rounds per min or sec (whatever)....umm....how they going to store enough ammo??
  14. The game might end up being cool but the show itself is devolving into a smoldering pile of soap opera crap. And don't get me started on their version of cylons. Scary bad guys they are not!
  15. ROFL!!!! SNOW SHOES!!!! A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!!!! Oh, I wonder.............. how do you guys think ghost recon will look running at 2560x1600? hint hint
  16. The A-team without the original cast? NO george Peppard or Mr. T?? If the terrorists nuke America let them start with Hollywood I sware!
  17. Yo foxtrot360.....for gawds sake please wear goggles when you fighting k? OMG!! Now THATS a paintball gun!!!!!!!!!
  18. Ya I saw the list over at gamespot.com Those space war sims look especially cool. I'm keepin an eye on spaceforce2 and infinity. They should be on the list Google the trailers their awesome!
  19. This stuff seems cool. But at the same time my drasted grown up tendancies are trying to tell me that this stuff might be dangerous. But I'm being totally silly........right?
  20. Oh. I didn't realize airsoft got that serious. So where is the BBminigun then? ..........or does one actually exist?
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