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  1. Ok, so I'm developing a slight crush on all of the following girls listed below. They are all hilarious and very talented. Check out these cuties in their latest vids and watch all the rest of their vids at youtube...... Katers17 in: Abbegirl in: COOKIE CONFLICT!! ................................ Happyslip in: LisaNova in: These youtubers are my favs. All funny, talented, and cute as well.
  2. That looks like fun!! Is that airsoft though?
  3. So like.............which one is GiWeDa again?
  4. Will all this go into a patch or will this be called sniper cannon v 2.0 ?
  5. Instead of 1 meter I think its possible to set it for like .5 meters. Can anyone confirm that that the blast radius can go below 1 meter? Nice weapons by the way.
  6. Its all in the size of the blast radius in the .prj file......I think its the .prj Anyway its in the projectile file. You set the blast radius accordingly and only people and objects in that radius would be effected by an explosive charge. Examples of effects would be people flying backwards N whatnot. But those effects would not kill tanks. The projectile files that would kill tanks would automatically include the "flying debris" effect. And the blast radius of that can be adjusted as well. Its sorta like an art so the editor has to make a decision what blast radius he wants. All
  7. Bad news Thales. I can't find the laginator files. I thought they were in the old folders for the community mod but I can't seem to find them. I will keep digging but it doesn't look good. But I must say though thales that the cheytac intervention turned out awesome!!!! *sniff* truly the mantle of the sniper cannon modding has been passed to you. I was originally going to complete and debut a cheytac intervention for ghost recon. But, after seeing the model I couldn't do a better job myself. Great job thales!!
  8. Oh? A 20mm sniper rifle I never heard of hmm? I gotta research this.
  9. Argh man I'm so embarassed!!! I was suppose to get you the laginator files thales......... This weekend for sure man. Its been tough here at work.
  10. How the hell did I miss this entire section! Anyways, I will keep a close watch on this one. Thanks for the news. By the way ZJJ, how come I can't start new threads in this section? Am I still on Rocky's blacklist? I like the open feel this picture presents. Thanks for the teaser! Now you are getting it. A good design is everything. BFS is all about executing a good design and then making things as pretty as we can. I did not start this company to go head to head with Epic or Crytek on graphics, but things will definately be up there with most. Holy Smokes!!!!
  11. And its going to support dual monitors! So like, you can have one monitor on a map and like the 2nd monitor zoomin in on the action. Should be cool.
  12. My thoughts too... Poor guy (but it was rather a funny video)... he certainly wasn't a very good jumper! Yeah. I'm here at work and I needed to cheer myself up. LOL!! WORST.........CAT JUMP.....EVARRRRRR!!!11!!
  13. Yeah.......YEAHHHHH!!!!! It could be made as a new stationary gun. It will be dubbed.....THE LAGINATOR v2.0!!! Quick thales make it...........please?
  14. If you ever decide to add one I could give you the 3 barreled stationary minigun monster I had a friend made. Plus I will give you a cool sound for it too. I had dubbed it.........THE LAGINATOR!!!!
  15. Well its not futuristic enough for me quite frankly. Looks primitive imo. *smacks foxtrot behind the head* wassup blackburn!!!!11111!! ................................I'm bored.
  16. That was INSANELY FUNNY!!!!!!1111! Thanks man!
  17. Stalker_Zero


    mor n likely they'll just include a sharp stick for us to use... Jeez, I bought a PC in June with a 7900GTX and it's already a dino....? No wonder they included King Kong! LOL......don't buy an 8800gtx or gts just yet cause there is a possibility that nvidia will release a refresh by the end of February. hahahahaa
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