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  1. Those were extremely funny! More.......MORE!!!
  2. I'll have to wait til I get home so I can try the demo.
  3. Oh, but it is real.....it is. EDIT: There was one part of the interview in the video which got my hopes up. It was the fact that they said the game won't be about resource building like most strategy games. You start off with a fixed set of resources. The game will be about how you use the resources. In other words like actual strategic warfare. You know........like in a REAL WAR!!
  4. Ok so I just finished watching the videos of the interview with the programmers at massive entertainment. Frankly, most of the video was annoying for several reasons. First off they started interviewing this major super freak of a nordic nerd who looks like he hasn't shaved or showered in a week! Apparently he is the lead designer of the game. The poor girl interviewing him was like practically stretching her arm with the mic so as to keep as far away from him as possible (probably because of his smell). Plus, everytime the guy finished a sentance the roof of his mouth smacked with a
  5. I know what you mean. But my new 8800gtx should be enough to properly render those mushroom clouds!
  6. om freakin gawd!!!!!!! http://www.worldinconflict.com/main/videos.html
  7. LOL good finds!!! This one is my favorite though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JAYKw-x6qE...ted&search= Watch the last cat in the video.........ROFL!!!!!
  8. We are trying to make a good weapon mod ingeloop, as your work is part of SC 2. Thanks also to Hack and SZ, im really working hard on this. Then work harder!!! joking...............no I'm not.............yes I'm joking!!! ...........................no I'm not.
  9. Already have! The one where the owner was scratching his cat on the back and the cat was saying "loveuloveuloveloveuloveu" was hilarious!
  10. What he said! But at the same time its amazing to see all these heavy hitting sniper rifles. I never knew some of these even existed.
  11. Ya thales those gun positions for holstering behind the back are a pain to do aren't they? Took me days to get the ntw holstered on the shooter's back so it looked good. haha I see that for the most part you've given up on that and you just simply put it as close as possible. But still though all the guns look awesome! Can I assume you was able to get some good sounds for the rifles as well?
  12. I know......poor kitty..... ...............................hahahahaahahahaa!!!!111
  13. OMG!! Gimme that DSR 50 with the blast compensator.....like now!
  14. I know lol cat: "hmmmm strange where did they put me? Interesting decor but I dunno maybe I wo...WHAT THE HELL??????????? OH MY FREAKING GAWDDDD!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
  15. .......then how about a washing machine DESIGNED TO CLEAN CATS!!!!! hahaahahahahaahhahahaahahahaaah LINK: KITTY WASHING MACHINE Youtube video....
  16. Much better....the pics I mean. ..........HEYY!!!! What about the 2nd pic? The barrell? j/k
  17. Kool another south african weapon. Say.....whats wrong with the texture on the barrel?
  18. haha.....not funny. In truth I think I picked the name "stalker zero" cause I wanted some sort of cool sounding commando name to go along with playing ghost recon. The "zero" part....I dunno I think I wanted to add something different sounding to the name. As if I was part of a secretive commando team known as the "stalkers"...the team leader in fact. And my designation/codename was Stalker zero and other operatives would be like stalker one, stalker two...etc. Ya, I have an overactive imagination. I liked the part in katers17 video when she went all kung-fu chop sockey an
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