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  1. Reminds me of the cat I owned when I was a kid. ............I miss mister kitty cat.
  2. Stop it damnit!!!!! Stop giving me HOPE!!!! Stop all your cool talk about a realistic military spec ops shooter the way it oughta be made!!! I just can't take this any more!! ...................................you realize of course that I'm kidding right?? Please continue to talk on the subject.
  3. I hope thales didn't over do it and he dropped into a drooling coma at the keyboard!!
  4. From what I have learned during the shouting matches I've had concerning what should have been a true ghost recon sequel (I think at one point I ended up calling various ubi developers retarded monkeys riding the short bus or something to that effect). And from the all out smackdowns I've had with various forum admins here *coughrockycough* I've learned at least one important thing. And that it doesn't matter much what is discussed here.......at least what concerns Blackfoot's new project. And that is because its already mostly done. They already have their ideas or big idea on how to
  5. I think it's safe to say there won't be any UFO's in this project though I will always regret never being able to finish my hampsterdance super hampster commmando giant UFO mod for GR1.
  6. hee heee thats a funny word. ........NORG!!!!!! I like saying it.......NORG.....NORG NORG!!!! ....................ok I'll read the above posts now.
  7. Troublemaker........I like that. I'm going to take that as a compliment.
  8. I've got good.......real good vibes on this one. Blackfoot......I hope you guys turn out to be my new heros. I really do. p.s. Hey Rocky!! I hope your putting some thought into creating a fan site for this new game. Something tells me thats going to become my new online home.
  9. *beeeeeeeelch* Sorry, just finished my shrimp and peanut butter stew. I made it myself!! ..................umm, I'm starting to get weird feelings in my stomach now.
  10. If anyone here remembers my history here at this forum then you should know that I am VERY interested in this thread. And that I am keeping a very very close eye on it. Blackfoot staff I am sincerely not trying to be egotistical or anything but if you can get my thumbs up on this project when you finally reveal it then you will indeed have an absolute winner here. If you have at all seen my behavior here at this forum and the official ubi forums concerning "graw" and my bitter disapointment of it and of why.... Then you will have a decent gauge on the direction of where your project shou
  11. Lmao, hehehe ... We all need to do a co-op when sniper cannon 2 comes out. I'm in the mood to snipe!
  12. Whats wrong with nukes? Nukes are good!! ..................... as long as I'm not at ground zero.
  13. Thats not a flash game............. ...........THIS IS A FLASH GAME!!!! http://www.rasterwerks.com/game/phosphor/beta1.asp
  14. Hey, are you game devs or politicians. Thanks, still looking forward to see how this game turns out. Please do a version for the 360 also. No dang nabbit!!! Design it for the pc first!!!! Then do a port for the [idiot] consolers!! Hmmm, I am a consoler... What??? OMG noooooooooooooooooooo!!!1111
  15. Hey, are you game devs or politicians. Thanks, still looking forward to see how this game turns out. Please do a version for the 360 also. No dang nabbit!!! Design it for the pc first!!!! Then do a port for the [idiot] consolers!!
  16. Forget JOHN!! Le Tigre?? Can you please tell us more about how cool it was? You don't have to give us any details. Just tell us that it was the most awesomest thing evar? *hugs little gr teddy*
  17. x 2 I'm starting to get worried now.
  18. Stalker zero, the punisher mod is not in development right now, it has already been released! Here we are speaking about a sequel Here a couple of links where to speak about the first chapter or pilot: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...amp;hl=punisher http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...amp;hl=punisher And here where to download it from http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php...view&id=272 Just one question: do you have SOAF? Is this a sum of all fears mod?
  19. Let's just say you happened to look in a certain place in a very brief 10 minute or window that a certain WIP video was sitting in a place it shouldn't have been. Let's just say, you were pretty lucky! I would appreciate it if whatever you think you saw, is kept to yourself for now......... These are not the droids you are looking for..... -John No worries, I'll just enjoy it in the privacy of my own home. (yes I have it, and no I will not share it with anyone.) Can you at least tell us if it was cool or not? I want to have some hope that the spirit of the original
  20. You mean something like this? Screenshot from Punisher I NO WAY!!! Nahhhh. It can't be. Unless I see the big white skull on his chest I won't believe it.
  21. A punisher mod? ..............As in the PUNISHER??
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