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  1. LOL! I betcha this was your idea mr. suicide commando! Actually it was mine. But you don't have the cool punisher type sig at the bottom of your posts.
  2. LOL! I betcha this was your idea mr. suicide commando!
  3. Well, to start off you can actually go to emotiv's website to read up on their stuff here: http://www.emotiv.com/2_0/2_1.htm plus over at medgadget there is a quick article about it here: http://www.medgadget.com/archives/2007/03/post_8.html If you just do a google search on emotiv you will find a lot of tech blog sites covering the technology. And actually, I'm more looking forward to buying this competing project at the end of the year....even though its going to be wired: OCZ's Neural Impulse Actuator turns your brain into a video game controller [gizmodo]
  4. I like the second one. I don't suppose you would be interested enough in making new versions in 2560x1600 resolution would you? Please say yes.
  5. big enuff.. What the hell? Captain Punisher?
  6. OH please! Everyone knows in the comic book world a death is only temporary. Eventually, they will bring him back and in a big way too.
  7. OMG she is actually playing the piano!!
  8. LOL!! That was awesome!! He looked like he was about to faint!
  9. OMG he said what????? I can understand if he wants to leave the forum but this is a ghost recon mod. Everyone should have access to the mod. But in any case there is no reason why a quick announcement can't be put on the frontpage here. Just put in the announcement the link to this thread and also the link to the download page over at ghostaholic. There shouldn't be an objection to doing at least that. I mean.......right?
  10. I spent few mins to read what posted in Ghostaholic forum So I consider the mod still in beta and I will not add it at our database at gr.net if not advised to do that (And anyway pending his approval). Anyway it's definitely clear that he moved to Ghostaholic, he is definitely OK, don't worry! Hey just to let you know I talked to thales and he said that its the final version and it isn't a beta. Can you have rocky add it to the download section? Thanks.
  11. I just wanted to make a seperate thread so you can quickly get the download link for over at ghostaholic.com Sniper Cannon 2 download page at Ghostaholic.com......................... Rocky needs to host this file directly from this site and has been already contacted about this. Let us know how you enjoy Thales100's work.
  12. You could say that. IMO, for whatever reasons, thales100 was pretty much harassed close to non-stop from the word go, i.e., sadly, he didn't really get treated much to the supportive, collegial side of gr.net that this site is usually known for. :'( I hope thales returns. Thanks, Stalker_Zero, for the d/l info re: "Sniper Canon 2" mod! Apparently, a lot of the offending stuff was in the form of personal messages on the forum. Thats sad and unfair what happened.
  13. Hey. So what did happen with thales100 here? Was someone giving him grief? Was there a fight or something?
  14. Apparently Thales was upset over some going ons about here at this forum. So he recently left this forum....but hopefully not for good. I am talking to him to find out what happened. In any case, all this time he has been completing the work on sniper cannon 2 over at ghostaholic.com forums. In fact, Sniper Cannon 2 is done!! Here is the link for the download at their site: Sniper Cannon 2 download page at Ghostaholic.com......................... I will contact Rocky to let him know so he can directly host it from here as well.
  15. With these guns ya the blown back effect seems more reasonable. Now I'm really starting to get worried about thales......where is he?
  16. Yup. It had to be. If it was disney that caused all the fuss then it had to be about the song. If the video maker had only put part of the song in then maybe he might have gotten away with it?
  17. Are you being sarcastic with that remark? Nope, I'm being serious. I thought it was great. I know. I meant that in reality you aren't really surprised that rse/ubi didn't carry the limp type of stuff with them into their new console oriented arcade future.
  18. It will definitely be looked into. This is one of those possible technical limitation areas as true bullet ballistic characteristics like bullet drop and wind are tough to model properly without taking up crazy CPU cycles. We'll have to see as we go. But, with being said, all other weapon and bullet characteristics will be accurate. Ok, finally I will give some real input instead of fooling around. But I hope you realize I've been fooling around because I'm getting good vibes here and I like hanging around good vibes. Anyway, my input. I know it is hard as you say to incorporate
  19. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! It was because of the music Rocky. "under the sea" They put in the song in its entirety and got busted. That is so stupid. Its the perfect song for that video by the way.
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