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  1. $8000 and you want Value RAM, come now. haha value ram! Thats like a fat guy ordering the super triple deluxe burger with biggie fries.........and a diet coke!
  2. But of course! And bf2 and half life 2 and counter strike and crysis and armed assault and fear and gtr2 And Ghost Reconnnnnnnn!!!!!!! haha sorry dude. Even with the money saved up I'm probably going to go into a little debt to get this crazy setup of mine working. I'm even planning on buying a monitor arm so I can float that giant sucka right up close!
  3. I've been waiting patiently FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR to purchase a 30" LCD with a native resolution of 2560x1600! And now the planetary bodies have aligned themselves and the time to purchase it......IS NOW!!! I had to wait because to play games at the native resolution with some decent frame rates, and at least some of the eye candy I had to wait for the nvidia g80 card. Its the first card to support directx 10 by the way. And those cards are coming out this month as well as the HP L3065 monitor. It will be either that monitor or the Dell 3007WFP I be getting. omg gaming nirva
  4. Yeah, cool , it would be great to have this warning with the cannons. Im glad you liked the mod mig, cant wait to blow up those beautiful toys youll have in P2 with the 20mm ... Same here.
  5. Hey thales, how is your other projects coming along? Are you still planning on incorporating some of your other stuff into an add-on for sniper cannon?
  6. Well included in sniper cannon is an assortment of classic gr1 sniper missions for you to test it out with. I'm not sure of the mission number count. Thales, about how many were included? I haven't even counted. I was too busy testing the guns and blowin up stuff. As for mods, I think thales made sure that sniper cannon was compatible with many other mods without problems. I suggest looking for mods with some good sniper missions in it or even tanks so you can do some anti-material missions.
  7. Think of it as a collection for power hungry snipers to test and train with. The point of it was to showcase the really heavy duty sniper rifles out there that aren't widely known about. For instance that WWII 20mm rifle restored with modern day scopes and stuff. Thats based on a real gun someone customized.
  8. It says along with collecting your IP information it will also collect "other anonymous information", "advertising data". I would like to know what "anonymous" information they are refering to.
  9. That is misinformation, I don't think it matters now how many times people post the truth, there are so many people believing just what you posted that it will go on and on and on .... There is NO snooping of surfing habits in BF according to the dev team and publisher. But what about what it says in that EULA on the slip of paper in the package? It is true though, that I don't understand legalese but it would seem that it means that you are agreeing to install spying software that will log your computer surfing habits outside of the game. I mean.......doesn't it???
  10. In an alternate reality somewhere in the multiverse I'm sure there exists a REAL SEQUEL TO GR1. If that were the case I would be inspired to work on sniper cannon 2. But I'm not doing it for graw sorry. Perhaps there will be a game coming soon worthy of such an honor.
  11. Don't give them any ideas!! Pretty soon everybody in game will be wearing jump suits full of banners from sponsors like we're race car drivers or something.
  12. But thing is its not just stuff coming into our computers its stuff going OUT FROM out computers. This is crazy. At first it was thought that it would be just stuff running in game only that is coming into our computers....the adverts. But now we're learning that its really software running outside of the game files and snooping at our surfing habits? What the hell is that?? I mean.....would ja take a look at this insanity???
  13. I was on totalbf2142.com trying to discuss this very topic. The admins there were very drone/EA kissbutt types and promptly closed any related threads on the spyware subject.....including mine. The name of my thread was.....I forget name exactly but I suggested that I was seriously thinking of giving my copy of the game away unopened along with an unopened special upgrade package with a unique custom gun unlock to some totalbf2142.com member. Well, I'm going to give it til the end of the week till we all find out a bit more. If it goes the way I think its gonna go I think I will give my
  14. Yeah, its all yours dude , youre the man, four years and here it is ... My birthday was Oct. 14th. how did you know? :'( lol Thanks for the gift!
  15. At long last! *sniff* Sorry, I get so emotional sometimes! :'( Hey, is Rocky gonna put it up on the frontpage?
  16. hey.....on a side note I'm finally getting the wheel and gtr2. Check ya on the weekend.
  17. Ok. But it would be nice if you didn't give up on your patch idea for missions that you wanted to do for sniper cannon. Just something to keep in mind.
  18. lol! Your more bored than foxtrot23! .....or is it foxtrot360? I can never remember which.
  19. Sorry, I've been busy at work for a couple of days. So tell me whats up people!
  20. Yaaa!!!! I think we will get more public opinions this way. Um....just to clarify somethin: An open beta is different than say a release 1.0 full version one right?
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