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  1. Yeah? Well I got the real one baby. And this thing doesn't kid around. In your wildest dreams don't even dare think about cutting me off in traffic dude! WHERES MY MEDICINE!!! I'm starting to feel psychotic again.
  2. A new guy is asking for an xbox section. You had one for consoles maybe somebody should put it back in?
  3. No. They had an xbox section in the old forums. They will probably put one up here. If its not done already. I think its for general console systems. Xbox, ps2, gamecube......
  4. Hi. I didn't originally start this but I thought I would start it up again. Anyway, here is my car........ I never seem to run into traffic on the highway with it......maybe I am blessed??
  5. I mean I was jumping up and down cursing when I saw what happened to the forums when it was hacked. Those hackers made me so made I just wanted to pinch them! So for that. I am not usually that violent.
  6. You may have seen these before but I just wanted to repost them because of what happened at ghostrecon.net forums. If you don't know by now they got hacked. DUH! Anyway, there was alot of collaborations and ideas about making new and very effective sniper ghille suits for the game. So here are some examples to shoot for when making some. Can any of you get these in game? Pics from bushrag.com "GHILLE-FLAGE" "PAINTBALL SNIPER SUIT" "BUSHMAN" "CHAMELEON" "CHAMELEON HEAD AND TORSO" "CHAMELEON SNOW" And can any of you geniuses figure out how to cover a gun with a whole bunch of leaves and ghille extensions like in the first picture above or in this picture here?? If any of you can figure out how to put these in game as sniper skins then you will be the KING OF THE WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD :P
  7. HOLY CRAP! What a NIghtMare!! I feel for ya man!
  8. Yes Earl. I want to look at how your going to wrap this thing too. Because it will help me figure out how to wrap an M82 with ghille extensions all over it. Remember? Hey Ruin.....hows your big surprise skin mod thing you were going to show off to the community before the whole world crashed around our heads?? Hey love the new forum by the way. And these smileys are cracking me up. Heres my favorite....... I think it describes me what you think?
  9. Hurray! Yes the forums are back!!! Ok now I can get back from the ledge of this tall building and post again. Phew! That was close
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