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  1. I'm looking at this section and all of its 2 threads and it looks kinda sad. I just wanted to start another thread so it looks like something is going on here. Finally the last nail in the coffin has been driven huh? Sad day indeed. Well, its a good thing I and a few others got unto the escape pods before the mothership blew. Seriously though, I'm not sure whether I should be laughing or crying. *sigh*
  2. Shaken but not stirred .. Maaaarleeeeeeeeeeeeen. A few have seen this now and said its 3 hours long or there abouts and it starts to drag a bit. Also hes more of a maverick and not sticking to protocol much and is a bit less invincible as other bond movies ... is that a true statement? I think I will go and see this soon though. 2 and a 1/2 hours actually. lol and since when is bond ever NOT a maverick who doesn't stick to protocol? And I think what some might call "dragged a bit" was really probably the casino royale scenes which I thought were suspenseful. Ya know, with the
  3. Thales your da best! Great job so far in the customer service department! Ever thought of becoming a technical rep?
  4. Well for me........Daniel Craig IS THE NEW JAMES BOND!!!! My initial impressions were correct. And that was that this new guy was going to play James Bond as a no nonsense, get the job done, kill whomever stands in his way type of Bond. And in the movie he does just that. There wasn't any fancy Q gadgets or some nonsensical know it all who wants to take over the world. Just Bond and his pistol in a story that seems like something MI6 would actually do. Oh, and there was brutal hand to hand combat as well. Cool stuff. Very very refreshing stuff really. And I think the end
  5. lol nice. Maybe it should go in the GRAW Section. Show them GR? Ya......the REALL gr!!!
  6. Ya exactly! Something tells me that it was a male cat. He really musta rolled to a corner so he could scream out of camera range. "omg my groin!!.....I think I'm gunna hurl!!"
  7. Check it out on youtube.........I could not...stop...laughing!!
  8. Hey, does anybody know if the quad-core AMD stuff will be good or better than the Intel quad-core stuff??
  9. Its amazing. I cannot believe sony messed up the PS3 project so so SOOOOOOO badly. First they over estimated what the hardware could do. And not once, not twice, but three times they had to downgrade the specs from what was first told was going to be. Then the blu-ray mess. They couldn't figure out how to mass produce the drives. Then the software. omg. And you can forget that fantasy of that killzone 2 cgi movie being a real time game. Gawd sony! This console was supposed to be a no-brainer win for you. You'll be lucky if you brake even now. :no:
  10. Gawd thats the same I mean the SAME stuff that was used on that ship in die hard 3!! And here I was thinking that stuff was just made up for the movie.
  11. Was 'Without Remorse' any good? I was thinking of picking that one up.
  12. "scape goat saddam"? Gawd peoples attention spans are as short as the life spans of fleas! I'm usually against the death penalty but in this case I'm sorry the sentence fits. I mean, he is basically being convicted for probably 1/10 of the crimes he has committed. I heard he used to love watching his enemies being put feet first (while still alive) into a meat grinder. And he used to laugh as they screamed and begged him to please put them head first into the meat grinder so their suffering would be shorter. .........or was that about Saddam's sons? *shivers*
  13. Drag the folder to the side of the screen and create a quick launch taskbar where you can launch a game with one click. So, never knew you could do this, in all the years I have been using windows. erm........I knew that!.........
  14. Hey all. Had a busy week. Finally had time to check this thread today. Thales, please let me know if that guy sktrbssmn was able to get the mod working ok? I want to make sure that we have all satisfied customers.
  15. lol the way you guys are talking maybe you don't need a desktop at all!
  16. Ya this one is a tough call Zjj. Perhaps no because it was really about something John Kerry did? Or is it Jon Carry LOL!
  17. Well.....he has got plenty of real estate to throw all those icons and still have room! 24" CRT? How many pounds is that sucka?
  18. LOL! Ya, I thought that was pretty funny too.
  19. Do games even support that high a resolution nowadays? Back when I had a CRT I got up to 1600x1200 which is still pretty crazy in my view... Well, most of the top end games nowadays will support 2560x1600. FEAR, HL2, BF2 (not officially but u can hack it) and other modern games support the 2560x1600 resolution.....as long as you got the hardware. Although, the next resolution below 2560x1600 is 1920x1200 and games readily support that resolution. Giant desk huh foxtrot? Well, whats REALLY been popular for some of them hardcore gamers was to buy the cheaper 37" yes thirty seven
  20. Which one? Abbegirl from youtube? Ya, shes cute. And at the first sign of even one dead pixel I'll be RMAing that monitor right back where it came from for a replacement! Oh, by the way, when the hell did you get a 21 inch CRT?? That monitor must be a monster.
  21. haha. Ya know, if I was evil, I coulda started fake charities online for people to donate to. For poor little orphans n stuff. But I'm not like that. What it will be replacing is my 19 inch viewsonic CRT. And I run the desktop resolution at 1152x864 and games usually at 1200x968 or something close to that with my 6800gt pci-e card. I hope to be running my new desktop at 2560x1600 and games at the same resolution..........at least I hope. Oh, and throw in your liver while your at it! That should just about cover the hardware costs! Or, you can do like me and save for
  22. hmmmm.....lets see..... Raphael.......donatello.......michaelangelo......leanardo........prozac.....o??
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