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  1. Just downloaded them. Will give them a try this weekend. GRIM-HITMAN
  2. Since I can not see the pictures at the start of this thread is the rifle you have modeled the Barrett XM109. I have been looking for this one. XM109 scroll to the bottom of the page its the last rifle. GRIM-HITMAN
  3. I've added vehicles to multiplayer maps on many occasions. You just have to script it as a mission for them to show up. GRIM-HITMAN
  4. Love the XM8 Armory. Just wanted to let you know I believe you missed a kit for the sf_xm8collaps.gun. I don't see it in game anywhere (SP or MP). Just another issue you may want to address in your patch. Other than that, and the other issues already mentioned, the guns are great. Keep up the great work. GRIM-HITMAN
  5. Actually you can get the range command to work in multiplayer. You just have to edit the mission script and add a ConsoleCommand line activating range. This will however activate it for everyone. GRIM-HITMAN
  6. The public download servers were down for a short time yesterday for maintenance. Probably why it wouldn't download for you. GRIM-HITMAN
  7. Playing games without the computer. Video GRIM-HITMAN
  8. Or you could use a mod manager program such as the one found here: GR Multi Manager v2.01 THen you can choose the color you want from the color wheel. GRIM-HITMAN
  9. Any updates as to the progress of this mod since the HD crash and recovery? GRIM-HITMAN
  10. Mag 7 Auto-shotgun would be my choice. MAG-7 GRIM-HITMAN
  11. Good luck with the recovery. GRIM-HITMAN
  12. I am definitely interested in a XM8 mod. GRIM-HITMAN
  13. Thanks for the additional pics ogre_h. Maybe a talented modeler out there can make use of them and produce a model for us. GRIM-HITMAN
  14. Does anyone know of a mod that has this weapon? MAG-7 Specifications I'm looking for the non-civilian version. GRIM-HITMAN
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