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  1. "hostage escorted trigger a cinematic?" How do I make it show a cinematic video after the objective of escorting the hostage is complete?
  2. Thanks will try this! Instead of a briefing i'll say that only one soldier will be there as part of the mission. Which I will probably put up for download later today If I get it finished.
  3. Is it possible to force a mission to make you take only 1 soldier? My mission is a recon mission and i want to to force only one soldier.
  4. Thanks, sorry for little info but it was the missing gun that was the problem, great vehicle!
  5. that reply was pretty pointless you know, i clearly said for normal gr.
  6. Hi, I cant get it to work, can anyone help?
  7. Hi, lookin for some choppers for normal gr I can download and can get my platoon to be flown around in. Thanks in advance.
  8. Is it possible to have more than 15 missions in a mod or is the amount hardcoded?
  9. how do i make a sound play on startup? like on normal missions.
  10. I thought it would of gone here since its a vehcile but ill try laters or wait for it to be moved
  11. Wondering how I get my littleibrd to follow a hum-v? I don't know how to get the "follow" plan to work
  12. I hope people can stay with this whether its good or bad...
  13. Will modding GR stop when GR2 comes out? Im not getting GR2 so I wanna know if I should bother or not modding GR
  14. I mean get it active in IGOR, the way i try just makes gr close after the loading screen.
  15. Thanks! Im gonna use this in my mission! Like if you raise the alarm the two people escape in this! edit: bit of help getting this in igor? I dunno how yet lol!
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